workplace drug and alcohol testing kits UK starter pack

Workplace Drugs & Alcohol Testing Starter Pack

  • £276.00

Complete workplace drug and alcohol package

For initial on-site drug and alcohol screening contains a pre-paid evidential full chain of custody lab confirmation test pack

  • 30 x UK HSE 0.00% 0.02% & 0.05%BAC single-use breath alcohol detectors (Test and Drive Breathalyser Kits)
  • 1 x AL7000 digital breathalyser
  • 50 x AL7000 professional mouthpieces
  • 1 x Chain of Custody Laboratory confirmation pack for 1 drug group.
  • 25 x integrated split chamber 10 panel drug test cups screen urine for the 10 drugs (see below)
  • Purchase additional drug test cups, breath alcohol tests, and breathalyser mouthpieces as required.

Drugs tested for on the onsite integrated 10 panel drug test cups

  • Cannabis

  • Cocaine

  • Opiates

  • Amphetamine

  • Benzodiazepines

  • Tramadol

  • Ketamine

  • Methadone

  • Methamphetamine

  • MDMA (Ecstasy)

Key features of the ALLTEST 10 panel drug testing cups

  • Each drug testing cup also incorporates a temperature strip (checks urine is "body temperature")
  • Plus each drug test cup has a 3 pad urine adulteration test strip built in to check that urine is a fresh, undiluted sample
  • Completely sealed urine cup ~ No leakage or spillage.

UK HSE 0.00% 0.02% & 0.05%BAC single-use disposable breath alcohol test kits

  • 30 x Test and Drive multi-level %BAC single-use breath alcohol tests.
  • Simply blow into the breathalyser kit and read to screen for blood alcohol levels.
  • If positive check actual breath level with the AL7000 digital breathalyser.

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