ALLTEST 12 Panel Drug Saliva Drug Testing Kit DSD-8127 Construction

  • £13.69

ALLTEST DSD-8127 construction saliva drug testing kit tests for 12 drugs, offering UK construction and railside workplace recruitment testing requirements. 

  • 12 panel drug test
  • Ideal building site drug and alcohol testing kits for the workplace
  • Immediate on-site results for 12 drug groups
  • Simple to use mouth swab construction drug test kits
  • Results in just 5-10 minutes
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST world leaders in drug testing biotechnology.
  • Membrane accuracy of 96-99% compared to GC/MS and batch certification to 100% to CE professional healthcare specifications.
  • Certified quality CE, FDA, TUV, GMP, ISO IVDD
  • Ideal oral drug test kits for workplace, healthcare, occupational health, schools 
  • Provides on-site rapid-results for 12 drugs of abuse
  • This 12 drug combination oral fluid drug test kit is designed to meet the specific drug testing needs of construction employers, recruitment and pre-contract drug testing.

ALLTEST DSD-8127 Construction 12 panel drug test kit screens for the following 12 drugs:  

  • Marijuana ( Cannabis THC ) 12ng detection for 8-12hrs
  • Ketamine KET 50ng 2-3 days
  • Cocaine 20ng detection for 24-48hrs
  • Opiates ( including heroin ) 40ng detection for 7-21hrs
  • Methamphetamine 50ng detection for 72hrs
  • Amphetamine 50 ng detection for 72hrs
  • Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • Methadone 30ng/ml 12-24hrs
  • Barbiturates 50ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • Propoxyphene 50ng/ml up to 72 hrs
  • PCP (Phencyclidine) 10ng/ml 12-24hrs
  • Methaqualone 300ng/ml up to 72 hours 

How to use DSD-8127 saliva drug test kit

It is not a matter of just wiping the drug test swab around the mouth as many people think, the collection sponge needs to be well saturated with saliva, so that there is enough oral fluid collected to run the drug test. If the saliva sample is inadequate the drug test will not work ( ie no results )

Tips for using the DSD-8127 saliva drug testing kits

  1. Make sure that the saliva collection sponge is well soaked with saliva. It can take up to 2-3 minutes to collect a good sample. 
  2. Pop the collection sponge into the pot and screw it right down, if it will not screw down tightly then there is not enough saliva on the sponge, so it can be put back into the mouth for a few seconds to collect more saliva.
  3. If when you are testing there are no control lines visible this is because you have not got enough saliva on the sponge so it can be put back in the mouth to get more saliva on it, then try again.

NB If the collection sponge is not wet enough then the lid will not screw right down this will result in invalid results.

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