ALLTEST 6 Panel Drug Direct Saliva Drug Testing Kit DSD-863AMET

  • £6.25

This direct saliva drug testing kit is the same combination as the DSD-863MET but with the addition of a saliva indicator

Key features

  • Screens saliva for 6 common drugs
  • Multi drug one step test
  • Saliva indicator which turns blue when adequate saliva to complete the drug test is absorbed.
  • No sample handling with the ALLTEST 6 drug direct saliva drug testing kit DSD-863 AMET.
  • Over 99% accuracy.
  • CE FDA ISO TUV and IVDD certified

How to use the DSD-863 oral drug test kit with saliva indicator:

  • Wipe the swab tongue collector around the mouth and oral cavity, then ask the donor to feed saliva onto the collector, held in the mouth.
  • Watch the test membranes running in the results windows and remove the test after the saliva indicator window has turned blue.
  • Read the result at 5 minutes.

DSD863 A MET screens saliva sample for the following common drugs: 

Drug, detection levels, abbreviations & detection times

  • Cannabis 50ng/ml THC up to 12hrs
  • Cocaine 20ng/ml COC up to 24 hrs
  • Opiates 40ng/ml OPI Opiate & Heroin up to 48 hrs
  • Amphetamine 50ng/ml AMP up to 72hrs
  • Methamphetamine 50ng/ml MET up to 72hrs
  • Benzodiazepine 50ng/ml BZO up to 48 hrs

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