Home drug testing 2 x 5-panel drug test kit + 2 x FREE Ultra Cannabis drug test strips

  • £7.62

Drug testing kits specially selected for home drug testing 

  • Highly accurate and easy to use urine home drugs test 
  • Ideal home drug test kit for UK

Ideal drug testing pack for parents or schools:

  • 2 individual 5-panel urine drug test kits which cover 10 separate drug groups
  • FREE  cannabis drug test strips

Which drugs are tested for on the home drug test kits?

  • The 2 five panel drug testing kits include the same 10 drug schools combination covering the common established traditional recreational drugs and the newer psychoactive substances being increasingly used by teenagers.
  • Plus we send you 2 ultra sensitive 25ng urine cannabis drug testing strips FREE when you order this offer pack.
  • Each 5-panel drug test kit can be used once on a urine sample to test for 5 drugs and is an easy to use and read results at home drug test.

More information about the two 5 panel urine drug testing kits and which drugs they screen for

ALLTEST 5-panel NPS (New Psychoactive Substances) drug test kit screens urine for the following drugs:

  • K2/K3 Spice 3-5 days after use.
  • Ketamine  3-5 days after use
  • MDPV Bath Salts  3-5 days after use
  • Mephedrone MEP M CAT 3-5 days after use
  • MDMA Ecstasy  3-5 days after use

ALLTEST 5-panel Combo 1 drug test kit screens urine for the following 5 drugs:

  • Cannabis THC 5-30 days after use.
  • Cocaine and Crack 3-5 days after use
  • Amphetamine Speed 3-5 days after use
  • Methamphetamine Crystal Ice 3-5 days after use
  • Opiate Heroin 3-5 days after use

See our schools combination 10 panel urine drug test kits

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