Cotinine Hair drug test kit smoking detection test kit

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Special Offer on Cotinine hair drug test kit as use by date is the end of July 2022

Smoking detection hair drug test kit

Hair drug testing for Cotinine has advantages over urine testing for cotinine as the detection period for Cotinine in hair is much longer. A hair sample is also much simpler to obtain, and can be stored easily and for longer. 

Cotinine is the first-stage metabolite of nicotine, an addictive drug found in all tobacco products. Nicotine is also present in products used by smokers trying to reduce or give up smoking including nicotine gum, nicotine patches and nicotine sprays and vapes. All these sources of Nicotine will be detected by the Cotinine hair test kit if the level in the hair strand is above 0.2ng/ml. 

DCT-902 is a single hair drug test kit for Cotinine the first metabolite of nicotine and is used to detect nicotine use and smoking.

  • Hair drug detection offers the unique advantage of long term detection of deposited residues in the sample strands used for analysis
  • Cotinine is deposited in hair from all Nicotine sources including active smoking, vaping, Nicotine gums and Nicotine patches. The cut off level of 0.2ng/ml excludes passive inhalation of secondary smoke, so the Cotinine hair test can be used for zero tolerance nicotine use testing.
  • Hair cotinine testing is a good indicator of historic nicotine use 

Key features of this Cotinine test kit

  • Premium hair drug test kit detecting just COT 0.2ng/ml.
  • Window of detection for Cotinine in hair depends on the hair sample length tested ranging from 1.25 cm ~ 1 month to 3.75 cm ~ 3 months.
  • 91.9% accurate Cotinine test compared to lab GC/MS hair drug testing (lab test)
  • This assay provides a preliminary screening method for smoking
  • Positive test results can be confirmed using a GC/MS laboratory service if required (additional fee required for this service)

How to use the Cotinine hair drug test kit

  • Ideally collect the hair sample for drug testing from the centre of the head and select a hair sample from close to the scalp (growth end) minimum 1 cm and not less than 100 mg
  • Average hair growth is 1.25 cm / month. We recommend a 4 cm hair sample which will screen for drug deposits over approximately 3 month period
  • Simple add buffer and lysing agent to sample for 5 minutes then run the hair drug test using the hair Cotinine drug test cassette.
  • Read the hair drug test results in 5 minutes.

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