AL6000 Breathalyser Replacement Sensor Module mg/L

  • £15.90
  • Save £4.05

Replacement sensor module for the AL6000 breathalyser with mg/L display.

  • AL6000 sensor
  • Factory calibrated replacement AL6000 sensor module for AL6000 digital breathalyser
  • Easy to fit AL6000 replacement sensor
  • Sent with easy to follow instructions for fitting new AL6000 sensor or you can watch our You Tube video on how to change sensor module in AL6000 breathalyser
  • Changing the AL6000 sensor module maintains the accuracy and extends the life of your AL6000 breathalyser

This AL6000 sensor will only work in the AL6000 digital breathalyser that are factory set to display in BrAC mg/L

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