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We really value your feedback, as this helps us to develop our services. Thank you for taking the time to tell us how you found our website, leave your feedback and to e-mail us your testimonials. You can also read our reviews, that customers leave after they have placed an order, by clicking on the green reviews button on the right hand side of the website.

Here are our most recent customer comments, feedback & testimonials :

Needed the product and found the right test for purpose.
LT 22/9/17

Very informative.
HT 22/9/17

Seems legit gave me confidence to use the site.
AT 22/9/17

Cheaper than elsewhere we looked.
LG 22/9/17

To test staff at work.
SB 22/9/17

Good feedback off friend.
LA 21/9/17

Harbour Centre Plymouth recommended.
VP 21/9/17

We have used your service previously. Good value. Quick delivery
LW 20/9/17

Value for money
JM 20/9/17

I read the info on this site and it is what I am needing.
ND 20/9/17

Highly recommend this selle.r 10/10. Quick delivery of goods.
RJ 20/9/17

Best site found on Google. Thank you.
KC 19/9/17

Good value
DB 19/9/17

Cheap prices.
JA 19/9/17

Friend in need of a drug test.
JF 19/9/17

Returning Customer.
WF 19/9/17

Heard about it from friends.
LW 19/9/17

UK delivery.
EK 19/9/17

First one we came across that suited our needs.
GF 19/9/17

Just the product weed needed.
PB 19/9/17

Chosen for the price
AL 18/9/17

Very good website
PH 18/9/17

Past customer.
DR 18/9/17

Best choice. Great for parents with suspicions!!!
SW 18/9/17

Found you through a friend.
DO 18/9/17

Easy website to use and cost effective.
JL 18/9/17

Informative website.
SR 18/9/17

I used it to test a family member and tried to make them aware if they use drugs, I have means to find out.
AN 18/9/17

Recommended by a friend.
AB 17/9/17

Chose this website after reading the reviews.
DM 16/9/17

This is a good website, I have used it before.
DR 16/9/17

Excellent packaging, quick delivery, five star service.
DS 15/9/17

Helped us to confirm what we believed our son was doing
AN 14/9/17

Excellent. Very fast delivery. Superb.Thank you.
TB 14/9/17

I was referred by a friend who had heard good reviews.
DC 13/9/17

I have used this website before.
PR 13/9/17

Chose this site after reading the reviews
LO 13/9/17

Love it, just found out that my husband taking crack thanks a lot guys xxxx
S 13/9/17

Found this site through Google and it was the cheapest and most convenient for our needs.
KE 12/9/17

Simple site to use
MP 11/9/17

Existing Customer, I have ordered before.
T 11/9/17

The 5 drug oral drug test is clean, quick and easy to use.
KP 11/9/17

CH 11/9/17

Best site.
PB 10/9/17

I chose this site as it was the first site that looked reliable.
JM 10/9/17

Easy to use site with good descriptions of items and it had exactly what I wanted.
SM 8/9/17

Professional site and tests 99 percent accurate
DC 8/9/17

Very helpful staff.A friend reccomended, have used you before long time ago.
PG 8/9/17

Great value
CD 8/9/17

Easy to use
EC 8/9/17

Saliva tests required.
RE 7/9/17

Website looked simple to use.
EL 7/9/17

Just looking on the net and you had the items I required.
KC 7/8/17

You had the most suitable product.
SL 7/9/17

Looks legitimate and user friendly.
FB 7/9/17

Good products
LP 6/9/17

Found your website easy and professional looking, matches my requirements
MC 6/9/17

Found you through word of mouth. Great price.
SO 6/9/17

Found website VIA BUSINESS HR SOLUTIONS (our HR Consultant).Recommended by our HR Consultant
BM 5/9/17

Went online and it seemed helpful.
E 5/9/17

Works as exspected test are reliable.
OM 5/9/17

Accuracy of test.
PM 5/9/17

I picked these for the price
ZL 4/9/17

I have used you before, easy ordering, recommended.
PR 4/9/17

I have used your product before.
SR 3/9/17

Browsing the internet and you had exactly what I was looking for.
SC 3/9/17

Thank you very much, I have received my items promptly.
JB 2/9/17

As described and arrived quickly. Bought from before and happy to recommend
MD 1/9/17

I chose this site as I thought it seems legitimate.
JC 1/9/17

August 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

This was the first site I entered for these items and I found it easy to use and thought it was a very good site.
RB 31/8/17

Chose this site for the cheap tests.
SW 31/8/17

Number one listing
GT 31/8/17

Good quality.
DM 31/8/17

You Tube guidance helped to understand method of testing.
DB 31/8/17

First one I looked at.
SR 31/8/17

To test my son.
D 31/8/17

Recommended by a close friend.
FH 30/8/17

Easy layout and understanding.
MP 30/8/17

Drug test needed.
NF 30/8/17

Reviews impressed me.
EM 30/8/17

Right product at right price.
RL 30/8/17

Helpful starter advice (clear)
LA 29/8/17

Right product at right price
RL 29/8/17

For home testing this is a godsend.
TC 29/8/17

Chosen after reading good reviews
AM 28/9/17

Picked this website because it looked good and was a good price
RC 29/8/17

Chosen for the cost and it is easy to use.
GB 29/8/17

I found this website parent friendly
JA 29/8/17

I have used this site before and found it to be reliable.
TC 28/8/17

Chosen for the Price.
HD 27/8/17

Necessary regarding an employment decision.

I have previously used this site.
DH 25/8/17

The lady was incredibly helpful on the phone.
FR 25/8/17

Item as described good delivery.
TW 25/8/17

Good price having searched other sites.
BC 25/8/17

Cheap and reliable.
NS 24/8/17

Possible drink spike.
MC 24/8/17

Impressive website.Research.
LD 24/8/17

Thank you very much Kathy for letting me know. Have a wonderful day!

Excellent service once again.Item arrived early well packaged in good condition.
PM 23/8/17

I find your tests very good and easy to use.
VS 23/8/17

Excellent bit of kit to buy yourselves perfect would recommend .

Chosen for the cost
DC 22/8/17

I havn't found any other genuine looking sites in uk.
AR 22/8/17

All of my questions were made easy to understand, very helpful when a person's knowledge of drugs is nill
RG 22/8/17

Website easy to use
RS 21/8/17

The tests met our requirements, quick and reliable results and easy to use.
GH 21/8/17

I have used this site previously.
JM 21/8/17

Came back to this site after previous good service
PR 20/8/17

I found your site very straightforward with lots of choice and affordable prices.
EP 20/8/17

Tests easy to find and reasonable prices.
RT 18/8/17

Had products I wanted. Awesome.
PG 18/8/17

Interested in trying alterative to present test method
PC 18/8/17

Delivery was very quick and received exactly what was ordered.
A 18/8/17

Previous customer
GW 18/8/17

Found this site roaming the internet and I thought it looked trustworthy.
JM 17/8/17

Many thanks for your help.
SS 17/8/17

I thought this site had a professional look and feel.
MW 17/8/17

I chose this site as it seemed authentic.
AS 17/8/17

Simple product to use.
LA 17/8/17

Good prices
RB 16/8/17

Chose UKDT for ease of use and selection of products
JS 16/8/17

I found your site safe, professional and informative.
KD 16/8/17

Your site was recommended to me by a friend and I found it easy to use..
BL 16/8/17

I thought the website looked good
JM 15/8/17

I have used you before.
SW 15/8/17

Used before service was good
DW 15/8/17

I like the all in one kit and it was inexpensive.
SP 15/8/17

Tests needed as I think my son is using drugs.
CW 15/8/17

Chose this site for the ease of use
GS 14/8/17

That's great, thank you very much.
LS 14/8/17

Easy to follow and understand
MT 14/8/17

Thank you very much. Absolutely brilliant service
DW 14/8/17

Previously purchased, you are the cheapest.
LP 14/8/17

I have used your site before, excellent service.
LS 13/8/17

Searching on google and found your site, and thought it looked professional. Thanks
S 13/8/17

Items are easy to find.
DL 13/8/17

Found you through a friend's recommendation.
ID 11/8/17

Yes first class, recommend you hundred percent
UG 11/8/17

Looked a very professional site
KW 11/8/17

Great service, and fast delivery. thank you.
FN 10/8/17

I chose this site as it looked the most professional.
JW 9/8/17

Super fast service and delivery
AN 9/8/17

Excellent service
A 9/8/17

Chosen for the cost
IA 9/8/17

Goods are quality, perfect seller, good communication.
DZ 8/8/17

I have used this site before.
CL 8/8/17

You are the best
AB 7/8/17

Tests needed to heck up on teenager.
SK 7/8/17

Cheapest website.
DA 7/8/17

Had tests from you before
VH 7/8/17

Good website and tests required for safety reasons.
DU 7/8/17

We have used the same product from you before at one of our depots.
MC 7/8/17

I have used you before.
TC 6/8/17

Cheap prices on this site.
LC 5/8/17

Reasonable prices
SP 4/8/17

Chosen for the price and the option to pay by paypal.
CW 4/8/17

I chose this as it is UK certified
TR 4/8/17

Used your site before and found it great, always on time and value for money
TT 4/8/17

Seems simple to use
KK 3/8/17

Looked Professional
RW 3/8/17

A good site which enables me to test my daughter.
KH 02/08/17

A friend told me you were reliable.
IW 02/08/17

Friends/work colleagues word of mouth.
KD 02/08/17

Thanks, excellent service
SS 1/8/17

Well worth the money.
RC 1/8/17

Tests required for a client.
MD 1/8/17

I found you through a friend.
GR 1/8/17

Recommended by friends.
WG 1/8/17

Workplace drug testing kits

July 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

I chose UKDT for the product type. It covers the range required.
PE 31/7/17

I chose this site as it had the most information.
AC 30/7/17

Good website. The best. Good for the money.
BH 30/7/17

To test my friend
KB 29/7/17

I wanted to see what you were like after a friend recommended this site. Thank you.
RP 29/7/17

You had what I was looking for so why would I look any where else. Good job.
MB 28/7/17

Easy to order very quick delivery, well-packaged with clear instruction.
A 28/7/17

Thanks for getting back to me so fast!
EB 28/7/17

Thank you so much for your help.
MC 28/7/17

It works, cheers.
KR 28/7/17

This site had the best price.
SM 28/7/17

Tests needed as I was spiked abroad.
JC 277/17

Good reviews.
AR 27/7/17

Arrived early. Good product as it seems to do the job.
YG 27/7/17

Used products for medical examinations. Very easy to use.

Site recommended by my friend.
DP 26/7/17

Found by searching myself and looked professional.
LN 26/7/17

First one I found and you have multi testing.
SM 26/7/17

First on the list.
AL 26/7/17

Very simple and easy to order desired product. Delivered in a timely manner.

Easy to understand.
MC 25/7/17

Repeat customer using telephone sales previous occasions.
AP 25/7/17

I chose UKDT to see how good the test is, I have never used this site before.
RP 21/7/17

Chosen for the cost.
AR 21/7/17

Needed the product and found the video useful.
NJ 21/7/17

Found you through an Internet search and chose you as I thought it looked professional.
SP 21/7/17

Product looks good
AH 21/7/17

Had exactly what I was looking for.
KR 21/7/17

Have used others but prefer the cups.
JC 20/7/17

Previously used, good service.
LA 20/7/17

That's great, thank you very much.
LS 20/7/17

Good price & free postage.
GW 20/7/17

Used in the Past came back as it ws reliable and the service good.
DL 20/7/17

Used previously very happy.
LS 20/7/17

Ukdt/ Ask Frank informative and helpfull
PB 20/7/17

I chose this site as it seemed safest bet.
TC 19/7/17

I chose to buy as you look reputable.
GW 19/7/17

I chose this site as it has the best prices.
PR 19/7/17

Tests were received quickly which helped alleviate some worry.
A 19/7/17

This is an excellent site, I wanted to see if my 13yr old is taking drugs.
TE 19/7/17

I chose this site as I liked the look of it.
MB 19/7/17

I found your website helpful.
DM 18/7/17

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for your understanding.
Best regards,
ML 18/7/17

Quick and efficient service.
LB 18/7/17

Chosen for the reviews but I would like to see more statistics to back up your claims.
JC 18/7/17

Chosen for the ease of use and price.
DH 18/7/17

It came up when googling and provided what I needed.
JW 17/7/17

Used before, good tests.
NK 17/7/17

Recommended by a friend. Nice quick easy to use. Cheers.
KD 17/7/17

Great range of test.
PP 14/7/17

Cheap and available to the public.
RL 14/7/17

Advice given from someone.
JB 13/7/17

Thank you for swift service .
RF 13/7/17

Cheaper and reliable service.
GH 13/7/17

Easy and concise.
MS 12/7/17

Thank You very much for quick response and delivery.
SL 12/7/17

Lots of information and recommended.
DC 12/7/17

Exactly what I wanted.
JH 12/7/17

Seems reputable.
ST 12/7/17

Price attraced me.
JW 12/7/17

Like price
PQ 11/7/17

Used UK Drug Testing before
JR 11/7/17

Thankyou for your input. Have a good day.
RS 11/7/17

My enquiry was dealt with swiftly.
JN 11/7/17

Next day delivery available.
LD 11/7/17

First one that popped up.
KS 11/7/17

To check my son.
JE 11/7/17

Great customer service and fast delivery. No false positives or negatives excellent product line
GC 11/7/17.

I ordered drug test, and had them delivered within 24 hrs. Also the customer service i received on the phone with Kathy was excellent. I would highly recommend this company.

Recommend would use again.
LS 11/7/17

Easiest to use.
D 11/7/17

Reliable tests would use again.
OK 11/7/17

First site I came to
MF 10/7/17

Easy and simple to use
RE 10/7/17

Appeared easy. Simple purchase
RG 10/7/17

Used UK Drug Testing before
MJ 8/7/17

Like price, multi pack available
MT 8/7/17

Found them to be reasonable prices.
AS 7/7/17

Excellent customer service.Good quality and amazing value.
ET 7/7/17

Sensitivity of the test.
RJ 7/7/17

Fantastic site easy to use and helpful.
IG 7/7/17

Low level detection for acute test.
BS 7/7/17

Sounded good found through computer searching.
MB 7/7/17

Easy to find what i required.
PC 6/7/17

Informative top of Google search.
DR 6/7/17

Used to smoke.
AW 6/7/17

Looked good and professional.
KB 6/7/17

Medical professionals on the team.
LD 6/7/17

Friends curiosity made me look agt the website.
RR 6/7/17

Family member requirement,ideal test
IC 6/7/17

Thank you, we have made the payment right away. Thank you for all the quick replies and wishing you a great day!

A really good price for a home test kit.
JH 5/7/17

Cheapest I could find on the internet.
HB 5/7/17

Clear & concise.
GS 5/7/17

Reliable tests.
OK 4/7/17

No other shops supply them.
RC 4/7/17

Looking for a test for personnel use.
KP 4/7/17

Reasonable price for a good product.
JR 4/7/17

Looking for a drug test to do for a new job.
OS 4/7/17

CE Mark Professional co.
LP 3/7/17

To help with family issues.
GW 3/7/17

Recomended by a friend.
VR 3/7/17

Very reasonable price, fast dispatch and well packed. Would use again.

June 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

This is the only place I can find what I wanted.
MS 30/6/17

I chose UKDT as it has the best prices.
ED 30/6/17

I have used this website before.
MB 30/6/17

This is a great website, cheaper than other sites.
LT 29/6/17

Cheap prices.
AS 29/6/17

Your website had clear description of products.
S 29/6/17

Your website is cheap and had exactly what I needed.
MC 29/6/17

I can trust UK drug testing 100%
AB 29.6.17

Best quality for the product found on the internet.
KN 29/6/17

Previous visitor very happy with the service.
BM 29/6/17

Description and price of the test.
SB 29/6/17

Chose this site after reading the reviews.
AC 28/6/17

Previous customer.
SM 28/6/17

Easy to understand website.
JF 28/6/17

Required for friends
JP 28/6/17

Looks the best site.
SB 28/6/17

Delivery to germany, so far, so good - awaiting first shipment.
FJ 28/6/17

Found you via the internet and chose as the site looked professional.
DY 28/6/17

Good morning, thank you for coming back to me. Much appreciated.
PT 27/6/17

Good information
SC 27/6/17

I am a returning customer and I like the ease of use and proven good kits and fast delivery.
GC 27/6/17

This website looks professional.
AS 27/6/17

I have used this site before and I have been pleased with previous purchases.
BJ 26/6/17

I found this site to be discreet and convenient.
NM 26/6/17

Drug tests requied for the kids.
SC 26/6/17

Good price.
MF 26/6/17

Tests needed to test my partner.
EB 26/6/17

Returning Customer
DA 26/6/17

Good website
EH 24/6/17

Cheaper than other sites.
MJ 24/6/17

I chsoe this site as it looked genuine
SF 23/6/17

I chose UKDT as it ooked professional
TD 23/6/17

Chose tests to meet regulations.
MD 23/6/17

Very good Website.
BG 23/6/17

I found this site helpful
MG 23/6/17

Good Afternoon Kathy,
Thank you very much for your quick response!
It is very much appreciated,
Hopefully I will be in touch with an order.
MH 23/6/17

Used before very happy.
EM 23/6/17

These tests are for our project research.
MW 23/6/17

It had what I needed
PS 22/6/17

Competative prices.
HW 22/6/17

Cost savings from this website.
MD 21/6/17

I chose UKDT for products which meet the needs of our business.
TJ 21/6/17

I have used this site before for accurate testing.
PM 21/6/17

Previously used this site.
NA 20/6/17

I chose this site for the price and product
FC 20/6/17

This is a UK based site.
SS 20/6/17

Very fast easy transaction and simple no nonsense instructions on how to use
SC 20/6/17

Very fast and prompt delivery. A really good product well worth the purchase.
A 20/6/17

Good reviews
JS 20/6/17

I found your site had more details than others.
BD 19/6/17

Thank you Linda, I have just made an order from the link provided.
PB 19/6/17

Good website.
GC 19/6/17

Recommended by a Freind
JH 19/6/17

I chose UKDT as it seems legit.
EU 19/6/17

You had what I wanted
EO 19/6/17

I have stoppped using so trying to get the THC out of my system.
TS 18/6/17

This site had what I wanted.
PO 17/6/17

I am a repeat buyer. Excellent service last time I used it.
PC 17/6/17

I have used these tests before.
RS 17/6/1/7

I chose this site for the price.
EG 16/6/17

This site was recommended to me.
WA 16/6/17

I was trawling the internet and you had what I needed at a reasonable price.
SH 16/6/17

This is a very good site which I have used before. Nice easy web site and fast delivery.
EM 15/6/17

I chose this site as I liked the look of the product.
CS 15/6/17

This is the easiest site to use.
CW 15/6/17

I have used this site previously and it is always a very speedy service.
ME 14/6/17

Tests required for personal use.
JC 14/61/7

I chose UKDT as the website is easy to use.
ST 14/6/17

I chose this as it is a professional site and Iwanted to ensure the test would be accurate.
TM 14/6/17

I was given good advice from a customer service advisor.
SH 14/6/17

I found this site fair and clear.
RL 14/6/17

These tests were recommended by a friend as they are cheap.
JG 13/6/17

Good price.
MR 13/6/17

We have used them for many years as they always provide excellent service.
A 14/6/17

Good price
MR 13/6/17

Easy to use drug tests
JD 13/6/17

Specialists in what I needed
JG 13/6/17

Looking on behalf of friends, good website.
JP 13/6/17

This site was highly recommended by my child's teacher at school and it was very easy to use.
SM 13/6/17

Small quantities, good price & ease of use
AS 12/6/17

Yes that’s great thank you
CS 12/6/17

Correct product at a good price
MT 12/6/17

Good information & polite staff understanding the difficulties
RA 12/6/17

Used UK Drug Testing previously

Need to confirm drug clear
TC 12/6/17

Good item and fast delivery, thank you.
JP 12/16/17

I chose UKDT for it's ease of use.
TG 12/6/17

I thought the tests on this site were good value.
SJ 12/6/17

I chose this site for it's simplicity.
GR 12/6/17

Testing for my kids.
SG 12/6/17

I found this to be a great site.
MS 10/6/17

We have used your site before.
AH 9/6/17

Honest, excellent communication, pleasure to do business with.Thank you
N 9/6/17

A good website.
SB 9/6/17

Your site was recommended to me.
BJ 8/6/17

Hi Linda, many thanks for letting me know.
PF 8/6/17

First one that came up
SJ 8/6/17

Good value
SE 8/6/17

Very good prices. Very pleased everything explained very well
RG 8/6/17

Easy ordering
AH 8/6/17

Good site
JD 8/6/17

Good price and good reviews
RR 8/6/17

Product what we required
TJ 7/6/17

Hi Linda, many thanks for letting me know.
PF 8/6/17

Found site through a recommendation. Competitive price
DB 7/6/17

UK Drug Testing Recommended by head office
TP 7/6/17

Thank you so much for all your help.
Kind regards,
MF 7/6/17

Chosen for the price.
MC 6/6/17

Easy to use website, I have used it previously. Efficient service.
CJ 6/6/17

Easy to navigate and find stuff, the info scroll down window about what drugs it tests could have been bigger.
MP 6/6/17

Recommended by friends. A good website.
S 6/6/17

I chose to buy from here because I thought its safe.
AI 6/6/17

You had everything I needed.
CW 6/6/17

Drug testing for our company.
AS 6/6/17

This test suited the sensitivity required.
GS 5/6/17

I have used this site before and it is ideal for what I needed.
HM 5/6/17

I bought the tests as I was worried and wanted to put my mind to rest.
AJ 5/6/17

A friend told me this was a high quality site.
KN 5/6/17

This is an easy site to use.
KH 4/6/17

Chose these tests for the cost
FS 3/6/17

I chose this site because my friend said your tests are easy and simple to use.
MB 2/6/17

Best price
JH 2/6/17

UK based and cheap
NW 2/6/17

I chose Uk drug testing as it seems good value.
SR 2/6/17

Good value.
JS 2/6/17

Good website and you have a product I was looking for.
SK 2/6/17

Easy website to use, but I'd be better not to be in the position to use it.
ML 2/6/17

Easy and accessible website
EF 2/6/17

Very helpful customer service team and fast delivery
A 2/6/17

PJ 1/6/17

I chose to buy after reading the good reviews
AR 1/6/17

Good reviews and easy to site to use.
DH 1/6/17

I googled and found this site which looked to be quite reasonable.
CM 1/6/17

May 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

I have used you before. Good service when used previously. First time I purchased from you. I rang to discuss and the lady who answered was very helpful and did the order for me over the phone. Nice that she took the time to help and not fob me off and tell me to order online. Excellent customer service.
EB 31/5/17

Instructional Video was informative and prompted me to buy.
JH 31/5/17

Used UK Drug Testing previously
JM 30/5/17

Cheap price
JH 30/5/17

Easy to use
TH 30/5/17

Bought from here before
JB 29/5/17

Good reviews
JS 29/5/17

JS 29/5/17

Straight forward
J 29/5/17

Good value
PJ 29/5/17

Good price
VC 29/5/17

Ordered as worried about a family member
WD 29/5/17

Easy to use. It was the first advertisement I saw. Reasonably priced
MS 29/5/17

Friend recommend site
MM 28/5/17

SC 28/5/17

Very good with free delivery. Was told about it so want to try it
WQ 27/5/17

Good site
JG 27/5/17

Good site. First site I used
KS 27/5/17

Low cost
JC 26/5/17

Very good easy to use
ST 26/5/17

That's great, thank you very much.
LS 26/5/17

I chose to buy from this website because it looks safe.
JS 26/5/17

Chosen for the price, privacy and product, after comparing and researching products with other suppliers
NG 26/5/17

Use because it's a good company.
ME 25/5/17

Easy to use.
JJ 25/5/17

Best service recommended by a friend.
AB 24/5/17

A lovely lady I spoke to this morning was helpful and she assisted me in correcting an error I had made.
V 24/5/17

Easier to navigate around
AC 23/5/17

First one i saw.
EG 23/5/17

Easy Website to use with clear information.
TC 22/5/17

Tests required as my Daughter has started smoking.
JT 22/5/17

Thank you very much for clarifying that! I really appreciate it! Have a good day!
All the best,
JV 22/5/17

Easy to use website and cost effective tests.
WF 22/5/17

The product design prompted me to choose your website.
KA 22/5/17

l found you through the Internet and thought your website looks professional.
BV 22/51/7

This site was recommended to me.
FN 22/5/17

Great site and easy to use. All good.
LW 22/5/17

I have used this site before.
CD 19/51/7

Chosen for the cheap prices.
SR 19/5/17

Great site. Very informative. I have used this site before. I was very satisfied with the service also the accuracy of the products I purchased. Many thanks
JJ 19/51/7

Arrived very quickly and comes with all instructions on how to conduct the test. Spoke with a friendly advisor over the phone who was happy to assist and confirm my order had been despatched and when to expect delivery. Will definitely use again in the future. Thank you
RB 19/5/17

Required for personal use.
CW 19/5/17

I am a previous user of this site and I come back for the good service.
BM 19/5/17

I found your site to be the cheapest.
AD 19/5/17

Your site was recommended to me.
MB 18/5/17

Good reviews and good website
TM 18/5/17

Good quality for the money.
RW 18/5/17

Used UK Drug Testing before and happy with purchase.
AS 18/5/17

Thank you very much for an immediate response.
CP 18/5/17

Ordered via telephone making use of very helpful young lady who offered good advice on my purchase and delivery choices. Purchase arrived on time. Testing kit simple to use. Will return to UKDT when re-ordering.
SL 18/5/17

This website is easy to access

Good website.
CG 18/5/17

I found you had the best selection.
IN 17/5/17

I ordered as this is a UK site
JV 17/5/17

I have ordered from you before.
DH 17/5/17

I chose these tests as the price was right and it appears easy to use.
AM 17/5/17

The answers we they received were very helpful. Thank you.
A 17/5/17

User Friendly. Used previously and always satisfied with service. Items always arrive promptly and well packaged
ME 17/5/17

Next day delivery available.
JL 17/5/17

Chose to buy as this site seems legit.
LR 17/5/17

Multi drug testing available.
WH 17/5/17

To check if bf is still smoking weed.
KH 17/5/17

Very informative information on all products I have looked at. Easy to navigate and friendly customer service. Great site and test kits at affordable prices.
BP 16/5/17

Chose this site after reading the good reviews
RH 16/5/17

Excellent fast delivery, great item, good value, thank you
M 16/5/17

Chosen for the choice of tests and the clear website.
DH 16/5/17

Chose this site as it is in the UK.
SW 15/5/17

It had what I needed
SS 15/5/17

Site was reccommended.
PI 15/5/17

Ease to use
JA 15/5/17

ZP 15/5/17

Had good information on the company. More than 7 in 1 test kits compared to other sites
WI 14/5/17

CHose this site as more details than others
BD 13/5/17

ML 13/5/17

Great site
SM 12/5/17

Good Price
MW 12/5/17

Great item. Fantastic to buy from. Thank you, great communication.
L 12/5/17

Chosen for the price of your tests.
LM 12/5/17

Used it before. Happy with previous service.
KF 12/5/17

Great price & free online delivery
SK 11/05/17

Have used before, great stuff
KR 11/05/17

Great Kathy, thank you for your help
DB 11/5/17

Recommended by a friend
TM 11/5/17

Great price and free delivery.
SK 11/5/17

I chose UKdrugtesting as it seemed the best.
DH 11/5/17

Great site
RO 10/5/17

I chose to buy as it seemed a good site.
JS 10/5/17

Positive reviews prompted me to choose UKdrugtesting.
DK 10/5/17

I chose UKDT as it is UK based and has a variety of multi tests.
AP 9/5/17

My enquiry was dealt with swiftly
DN 9/5/17

These are needed to help a friend.
CJ 9/5/17

LT 9/5/17

I have used this site before, it is easy to use.
JY 9/5/17

Easy to use site. UK based and cheap.
SP 8/5/17

Based in uk
SA 7/5/17

The prices encouraged me to choose to buy.
MN 6/5/17

I chose this website because I thought it looked user friendly.
YB 6/5/17

Good price and range
EC 6/5/17

Purchasers have left positive feedback. Spoke to a young lady who provided satisfactory information and confidence in your product and suitable delivery options.ptions.
SL 5/5/17

Informative site
NH 5/5/17

Seems honest
LT 5/5/17

U.K. Service
MB 5/5/17

Chose UK Drug Testing as UK based
RF 5/5/17

I called for advice on products and was happy with the advice received and so came online and bought my products needed.
GW 4/5/17

Ordered before and very happy with the service
LS 4/5/17

Next day delivery available.
JL 4/5/17

I can now test any member without pointing fingers
YM 4/5/17

Cost effective tests.
ZA 3/5/17

Ordered before and satisfied
LI 3/5/17

Thank you for confirming receipt of our order and most importantly the next day delivery times.
Kind Regards
ND 2/5/17

Found UK Drug Testing word of mouth. Recommended
WR 2/5/17

Found site via a recommendation
PJ 2/5/17

Found you through word of mouth.
BS 2/5/17

Good range of products
CJ 2/5/17

Good website with the best advice.
SB 2/5/17

Easy to use website
NK 2/5/17

Cheap prices.
JE 2/5/17

The website looked good
SU 2/5/17

I chose UKDT as they have Free Delivery.
BP 2/5/17

Happy to now if you are positive or not
RB 2/5/17

Did what it was supposed to do x
JT 02/05/17

April 2017 feedback, reviews and customer comments

Price encouraged me to buy.
KT 30/4/17

I tested my daughter on a regular basis now before she sees her daughter who lives with me. The test is very accurate.
JT 28/4/17

Quality products, Great service. Will definitely use the company again
W 28/4/17

Quick discrete delivery. 5* products
D 28/4/17

Prompt delivery. Order was incorrect on receipt but quickly rectified !
T 28/4/17

Easy to deal with very helpful staff great service quick delivery
R 28/4/17

First class service. Thanks
M 28/4/17

It is a very good thing to have I'm so pleased with it.
TR 27/4/17

Thank you for your quick response
TC 27/4/17

Big Thank´s for good service
VB 27/4/17

Discreet and very prompt service.
JN 27/4/17

Very easy to order and extremely prompt delivery.
SB 27/4/17

Fast delivery,easy to use and results you can rely on.
FM 27/4/17

Thanks very much, arrived on time, fantastic, would use again
DR 27/4/17

As described, arrived on time, good service.
KD 27/4/17

Trusted UK site
DS 26/4/17

This was the first site I saw and will definitely recommend the site.
JN 26/4/17

Chose to order after telephone conversations with Cutomer Services which was very helpful.
HM 26/4/17

First Class brilliant service
RM 26/4/17

Perfect transaction! Exactly as described! Would buy from seller again!
TC 26/4/17

I would recommend.
PC 26/4/17

This is the best lot of urine testing strips I know
RK 25/4/17

Cheap prices and tests suggests accurate to low levels
HT 25/4/17

I thought your website looked professional and it was easy to use.
JH 25/4/17

Found you through Word and Mouth
MM 25/4/17

Chose UKDT because it had product aimed for workplace.
CS 25/4/17

BP 25/4/17

I chose this site as they had the cheaper option.
KD 25/4/17

Chose for choice and price
TG 25/4/17

Used site before. Previous customer
AV 25/4/17

Cheapest price
GH 25/4/17

Very user friendly and informative. Listed on google as next day delivery
LB 25/4/17

Chose UK Drug Testing as UK site
JS 25/4/17

I found your wenbiste easy to use
JM 24/4/17

I found your website easy to use and cheap.
MD 24/4/17

It looked the best site
JS 24/4/17

Chosen for the price
IC 23/4/17

Good test kits
MB 23/4/17

After a general search for drug test kits on internet I found it reasonable enough to test it out.
LF 22/4/17

Good reviews
GT 22/4/17

Cheapest price
TB 21/4/17

Looks a good website.
PH 21/4/17

A great personal service and very helpful company.
AD 20/4/17

Previously used
KK 20/4/17

Looks like quick delivery
CG 20/4/17

User friendly layout
CJ 20/41/7

The tests are very good have used before. You are very good and I use you all the time.
VS 20/4/17

Fast delivery
AC 19/4/17

Linda was great. Economical prices.
TW 20/4/17

OH services
KS 19/4/17

Affordable price.
NH 19/4/17

Video demo
CG 19/4/17

First on the page
MD 19/4/17

Appropriate goods required for peace of mind.
AM 19/4/17

Professional website.
HR 19/4/17

For a friend
CE 19/4/17

I chose this site as I didnt have to buy loads.
DA 18/4/17

Cheap and good site.
CL 18/4/17

MC 18/4/17

Easy to use website.
EM 18/4/17

I chose this site as you can pay by PayPal.
NC 18/4/17

Seems professional
NM 16/4/17

The first site I saw and I will definitely recommend the site.
JN 15/4/17

Best value
AE 15/4/17

Best site I found. You have very good prices.
TM 14/4/17

LP 14/4//17

Chosen after reading reviews.
VP 13/4/17

Price prompted me to purchase.
ES 13/4/17

Previous customer. Excellent quality products.
DR 13/4/17

A good range of products and price.
MB 13/4/17

To order for my friends. All good.
JP 13/4/17

Value for money
ED 13/4/17

Easy to use.
SG 13/4/17

I have used you before.
LS 12/4/17

Foster carer
DC 12/4/17

The first site I saw and I will definitely recommend the site.
JN 12/4/17

Good value
MB 12/4/17

Found everything ok and chose after reading the reviews.
TO 12/4/17

Required to check my son
SI 12/4/17

Used site before
GB 11/4/17

Used UK Drug Testing before. Good service.
OH 11/4/17

Friend advised to order from this site
PR 11/4/17

Looks good site
MR 11/4/17

Low cost products.
AH 11/4/17

Clear and easy to understand.
JB 11/4/17

Found you on google and website is very easy to use.
ML 10/4/17

I'm really enjoying the design and layout of your website. It's a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Excellent work!
JD 10/4/17

Value for money.
JT 10/4/17

Recommendation, have used you before.
AC 10/4/17

Good website.
SW 10/4/17

Good website, recommended.
DQ 10/4/17

Chosen for the price.
SP 9/4/17

Chose this site after advise from a friend.
AB 9/4/17

Repeat Purchase
CA 7/4/17

Good website. Tests required to check up.
DA 7/4/17

Excellent transaction - thank you
P 7/4/17

To check on my boyfriend. 10 out of 10 for your site.
VB 6/4/17

TL 6/4/17

Very good site and product. You seem to know what you are selling.
VS 6/4/17

Quick delivery
AR 5/4/17

Easy to website to use.
SC 5/4/17

You had the Oral test inc bup testing required.
GE 5/4/17

Chose this site after reading the reviews
GM 5/4/17

Watched your training video, which prompted me to buy from your site.
CA 5/4/17

Excellent website, used before. Great informative site..... well done
DO 5/4/17

To prove my point that I'm not taking drugs.
CE 5/4/17

This website seemed professional and UK based
AH 4/4/17

Chose for the price. Good website.
DB 3/4/17

Chose this site for the ease of use.
GG 3/4/17

Used you before. Quick service
DH 3/4/17

Chose this one because it looks like the one my work uses
TB 3/4/17

Reasonable prices
CS 3/4/17

Informative and helpful website.
HS 2/4/17

Good reviews
CM 1/4/17

Legit company
RE 1/4/17

Good website
AM 1/4/17

Best selling drug test kits

June 2016 feedback and customer comments

Great service, very quick delivery, good product
KW 30/6/16

UK Drug Testing had what I required
DW 30/6/16

Chose this site for simplicity. Easy to use
KM 30/6/16

Most accurate & suitable testing
HC 30/6/16

UK Drug Testing was at the top of google and looked professional and reasonably priced
KH 30/6/16

Made past orders with UK Drug Testing. Good product. Would be good to be able to see past orders so making another order would be simpler.
LJ 30/6/16

Thank you for your very quick response.
RS 30/6/16

Item as described, arrived on time, well packaged
SD 30/6/16

Very easy to use website.
LP 30/6/16

I wanted a product that was reliable so I chose this site.
PD 30/6/16

Fantastic Linda. Cheers !
SA 29/6/16

JM 29/6/16

Have used before, great service, fast and discreet
CP 29/6/16

Chose these tests as we may have a problem employee.
JS 29/6/16


Reccomended. Informative.
CM 28/6/16

Seems Safe Site
NK 28/6/16

Brought of here before. Had 1st rate delivery last time hoping for the same this time
JB 28/6/16

Easy to use, had product I wanted
JC 28/6/16

First class seller
JP 28/6/16

Many thanks for letting me know.
Kind regards
AW 28/6/16

Website easy to navigate
RC 28/6/16

Chose UKDT for the cost.
GG 27/6/16

Used before
MB 27/6/16

Lower ng detection levels for THC testing
MB 27/6/16

Suited my needs
ES 26/6/16

It was what I wanted
RF 26/6/16

It was on google shop and looked professional. Very easy to use, no hassles or issues at all
LB 26/6/16

Recommended buy a friend. Good feed back
SB 25/6/16

Used before
SJ 25/6/16

looks professional
RG 24/6/16

Site looks good
GR 24/6/16

Helpful advice from your customer services
CC 24/6/16

Thank you will be buying again
PW 24/6/16

Good prices
DW 23/6/16

Easy to use. Informative
AA 23/6/16

Good information. Good advice and instructions
ZF 23/6/16

It seemed the best site and cheapest
RD 23/6/16

Many thanks!
Kind regards
HP 23/6/16
Office Manager

Like price
AH 22/6/16

Chose this site because of instructional videos
GB 22/6/16

UK Drug Testing looks the most legitimate site
SW 22/6/16

Good site
HM 22/6/16

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for the info, it certainly clears up a few issues for us, its so easy to open up a can of worms when you don’t know what you’re doing.
Kind regards
LS 22/6/16

Item perfect for what I need definitely great value for money & v quick Dispatch
C 22/6/16

Liked the way this site was presented
SM 21/6/16

Chose for the Price
NJ 21/6/16

Previous Customer.
PK 21/6/16

SO 21/6/16

Easy site to use
PM 20/6/16

Good reviews
AT 20/6/16

Site looked reliable, good feedback
CO 20/6/16

Chose UK Drug Testing for the phone support. Used your site for a while
WC 20/6/16

Hi Kathy,
Thank you ever so much for getting back to me, I appreciate your help.
Kind Regards
NJ 20/6/16

MP 20/6/16

Simple site to use.
BK 20/6/16

Good website.
SD 20/6//16

Good value
MB 19/6/16

Found you through looking at drug test kit online for a teenage kid. Looks a reliable website and seems the quality of the drug tests are good.
AH 19/6/16

Chose this website for the reviews
PC 19/6/16

Seemed a straightforward site.
LT 19/6/16

Looked good site.
SB 18/6/16

Cost effective and easy to navigate
KO 17/6/16

It looks very professional
BN 17/6/16

Good find
JG 17/6/16

Looks professional
KC 17/6/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as it had good reviews
AT 17/6/16

Very fast and reliable
PA 17/6/16

First choice
RP 17/6/16

Very fast and reliable
PA 17/6/16

Seemed above board
PS 17/6/16

Found through Google. Good site.
MP 16/6/16

Good site. It was the most professional site I saw for these products
JS 16/6/16

Thank you very much. We’ll do that.
Many thanks
TC 16/6/16

Chose this website for the choice
ES 16/6/16

I purchased these products for my own peice of mind. I have a history of drug use but I haven't used drugs in a long time. Unfortunately my younger sister has also had issues with this too so I got the tests to find out if my sister is currently using any illegal substances,so thank you so much for the opportunity to get to the truth
NR 15/6/16

Used this site before. Great service.
TT 15/6/16

Previous customer. Good experience. Excellent customer support helpline.
LS 15/6/16

More choice on your site.
RS 15/6/16

Seems more trustworthy,than ebay
OM 15/6/16

Used test and very good
JB 14/6/16

MH 14/6/16

Great site. Good search result
JS 14/61/6

Used your site before. Great and fast service
RM 14/6/16

Good site. Easy to use.
A 14/6/16

most popular
BS 14/6/16

Very good site recommended by another company
BT 14/6/16

Ordered from this website before and was satisfied with the product.
AS 14/6/16

Looked a good site
AE 14/6/16

Simple site, good price
GT 13/6/16

Good reviews
JP 13/6/16

Chose this site after reading the reviews
ML 13/6/16

Good Price
CO 13/6/16

Good selection of products and information
ES 13/6/16

Good site.
RS 12/6/16

Easy to use site. Navigation was straight forward
KR 11/61/6

U.K. Based
CC 11/61/6

Chose your website for the price.
KW 10/6/16

Excellent product testing all 5 street drugs and value for money. Chose UK Drug Testing for price
MB 10/6/16

Looked good value
RP 10/6/16

Quick delivery thank you :)
CB 10/6/16

Good range
DD 10/6/16

I have ordered before. Fast delivery
CB 10/6/16

I enquired about saliva drug test kits a few weeks ago, and spoke to Cathy who was very helpful, and I have now been given the go ahead to order some.....
SL 9/6/16

Very fast delivery and accurate testing. Very easy to use and the results are clearly readable. Clear explanation and instructions and will certainly be ordering again. Highly recommended for product, price and delivery.
AW 9/6/16

Good competitive price
PB 9/6/16

Used you before
NM 9/6/16

The product arrived on time and is exactly as described , I am more than satisfied with this item and would buy again from this company
WK 8/6/16

Helpful website.
CB 8/6/16

Your site was recommended by a friend
DR 8/6/16

Used you before.
AB 8/6/16

Chose you for the price
JH 8/6/16

Easier to use
MY 8/6/16

Found you through a contact at work
CM 8/6/16

Your site sold what I wanted
LC 7/6/16

UK based
NG 7/6/16

Cheap prices
SM 7/6/16

Ordered before
JS 7/6/16

Used before
CL 6/6/16

Chose this site for help
SH 6/6/16

Thank you very much for the swift reply.
JN 6/6/16

Required urgently
PS 5/6/16

CF 5/6/16

Good price for product
ES 5/6/16

Used before
VM 4/6/16

Many thanks for prompt delivery. 5 stars service
AC 3/6/16

UK Drug Testing had what I was looking for
WM 3/6/16

Best Value
JS 3/6/16

Thank you very much for the swift reply.
JM 3/6/16

Previous Customer. Convienient.
KR 3/6/16

Swift service and product as advertised.
AA 3/6/16

Great site. Good value.
JS 2/6/16

Chose UKDT for the price
DB 2/6/16

Used product before. Always good service and product easy to use.
JE 2/6/16

Clear and easy to use.
JA 1/6/16

Looked professional
SA 1/6/16

Your site had what I was looking for.
JK 1/6/16

JK 1/6/16

Medical staff
JJ 1/6/16

Top one. Great.
GS 1/6/16

Used before
SM 1/6/16

March 2017 feedback ,reviews and customer comments

Recommended and site looked professional
SS 31/3/17

Clear information on website.
GS 31/3/17

Bought before, good tests.
ML 31/3/17

Many thanks, would deal with again.
S 31/3/17

Website very easy to use.
WB 31/3/17

NL 30/3/17

You had everything we required.
CM 30/3/17

Very good website. Chose for the price. Quick purchase.
JB 30/3/17

I found this site easy to use
WC 30/3/17

Ordered previously
VM 29/3/17

Chose for the price, simple easy site to use
RR 29/3/17

Product as described and arrived on time
CP 29/3/17

Cheap prices
FF 29/3/17

Helpful website. Seems legit.
SC 28/3/17

Found this site by chance. Simple yet effective site. Does what it says on the tin.
TB 28/3/17

Accredited Products
LS 28/3/17

Item out of stock elsewhere
MG 28/3/17

My child may have tried drugs
GO 28/3/17

Competative price
GT 28/3/17

Professional Service
RS 28/3/17

A professional website.
RF 27/3/17

Easy site to use.
KW 27/3/17

Returning customer, I have used this site previously
JM 27/3/17

Good information on your website.
SW 27/3/17

I have used you before.
SH 26/3/17

Product used previously
MG 25/3/17

Cheap price
SP 24/3/17

Return customer
WS 24/3/17

I have used you again because your website seems to be official and my first delivery came very fast and you managed to fit the package into my small mailbox.
MK 24/3/17

You had what I needed.
MM 24/3/17

I found you through Google and found your website very easy to use
NC 23/3/17

Found UK Drug Testing from another company
MT 23/3/17

UK certified
TR 23/3/17

Good. Top site.
CP 23/3/17

A reliable site.
LM 22/3/17

Referral from another Company that uses the kits
RW 22/3/17

Price prompted me to buy.
DB 22/3/17

I chose this site as it is UK certified
TR 22/3/17

Easy website to use. Great.
KC 22/3/17

You had the specific item required. Thank you! Clear information .
VM 22/3/17

Cheap prices.
C 21/3/17

Just what I wanted
MP 21/3/17

PJ 21/3/17

I have used this site before
CT 20/3/17

A good selection of tests and seems easy to use.
RB 20/3/17

Met the need of the organisation
DE 20/3/17

Seemed reliable site
SA 20/3/17

I was recommended to use this very handy site.
AK 20/3/17

Easy website to use.
LP 20/3/17

Easy system
LA 20/3/17

Used your site before and found it great. Always on time and value for money
TT 20/3/17

I found you through a Newspaper article.
MK 20/3/17

Cheaper than llyods pharmacy. So far so good.
K 20/3/17

Looks good
GB 18/3/17

It's my second order
PP 17/3/17

Looks like what I am looking for.
KK 17/3/17

Recommended by a friend to check my son out.
CD 16/3/17

Great website. Quick delivery.
RL 16/3/17

Found site via a client recommendation. Helpful sales staff on the phone
VR 15/3/17

Good products
AF 15/3/17

UK Drug Testing had what I needed
SL 15/3/17

Good reviews
PG 15/3/7

Previous customer. Good site
CK 15/3/17

Pharmacy information services. Pharmacy recomemded
MS 14/3/17

Clear information. Thanks
CH 15/3/17

Professional site, good pricing, good information
ML 14/3/17

Previous customer
DF 13/3/17

Good reviews
DK 13/3/17

High test sensitivity options
JO 13/3/17

First one I came to. Easy to use
NW 13/3/17

Easy to find item
NS 13/3/17

Had what we were looking for
RD 13/3/17

It was a good price.
DB 12/3/17

Had what I needed
RD 12/3/17

Good site
AB 12/3/17

Bought products before. Easy to use and quick delivery time
AB 12/3/17

I need a drug test
TA 12/3/17

I am a previous customer.I have had success with the product
MB 12/3/17

Good value
GC 12/3/17

Clear product description
IM 11/3/17

Good deal
JM 10/3/17

Used UK Drug Testing before
CC 10/3/17

Chose this website as they are a NHS provider and they have a professional background.
SW 10/3/17

Have used UK Drug Testing previously. Was happy with previous service so have placed a second order
ED 10/3/17

Good site
NC 10/3/17

Easy to use
SS 9/3/17

Easy to find
AN 9/3/17

Clear and well presented site with good information.
CC 9/3/17

Used before
CS 9/3/17

I have used you beforeand have come back because of the good service.
KL 8/3/17

Chosen as it is a recognised site
GS 8/3/17

SW 8/3/17

Ease and cost
MG 8/3/17

Used before for personel reasons
PG 8/3/17

Good price
AY 8/3/17

Easy to use
GT 8/3/17

Very informative website. Chose to use this site because of the information it provided.
Customer service help and advise was also very good too.
KF 7/3/17

Used previously
SA 7/3/17

Competitive price
CJ 7/3/17

JG 6/3/17

Chosen for the ease of use.
DS 6/3/17

Liked the product
DW 6/3/17

Used before. Good service
FT 5/3/17

Picked this site for the price and choice, you can also get just one off tests.
RM 5/3/17

The site was easy to order.
AA 5/3/17

JM 3/3/17

DC 3/3/17

Reasonable prices and good products
DR 3/3/17

Value for money
3/3/17 SM

Easy use of product
3/3/17 DJ

Right product found
2/3/17 WP

Good service friend recommend
2/3/17 NW

Low price, wide choice & simple to use
2/3/17 GL

Easiest for workplace tests
2/3/17 PC

Right product found
2/3/17 WP

Cheap/easy. Good site
CL 2/3/17

Found site through a friend
MS 2/3/17

Good service
NS 2/3/17

I think I've used this site before. Easy to use
CT 2/3/17

EF 2/3/17

Good recommended by colleague
1/3/17 JA

Found to be the cheapest
1/3/17 AF

Easy to pay
1/3/17 AH

Picture on the net Quick and helpful
1/3/17 AS

Good price
1/3/17 ZP

Best Choice
1/3/17 EP

February 2017 feedback and customer comments

Used a few times, good prices
TD 28/2/17

Chose this site as UK based
MA 28/2/17

Good Customer Service, and Good Prices
SZ 27/2/17

Chose for the Price
PK 27/2/17

RP 27/2/17

Very good service thank you .... Just how you want an online service to be
JP 27/2/17

Uk based
KP 27/2/17

Chose this site as it was the only site to offer wipes.
MK 27/2/17

Seems a legitmate site.
PT 27/2/17

Found through a random irons kit search and chose for the price and drug selection
MH 27/2/17

Very good site which was recommended by a Friend.
AL 27/2/17

Very easy to use.
JF 25/2/17

Cheap and reliable
JL 25/2/17

I chose this website because it was uk and had a good website name
PH 24/2/17

Easy site to use. Value for money.
MP 24/2/17

Found site through a recommendation
PJ 24/2/17

First site that came up. Seem effective
SC 23/2/17

Chose this site as need a professional test
NS 23/2/17

Simple to use
TH 23/2/17

KN 23/2/17

Easy to use and YouTube video on how to use and test was good
RS 23/2/17

Ordered from here becuse I want to check my partner for drugs
SJ 23/2/17

Have used site before
LC 23/2/17

Used UK Drug Testing previously
DP 23/2/17

Previous order for son
JH 23/2/17

Used UK Drug Testing site before and had good service
KJ 23/2/17

Just looking through drug testing. It was cheaper than other site
DF 23/2/17

Easy website to use
JB 23/2/17

Easiest and cheapest site to use.
NH 23/2/17

Kathy as always your assistance is great and much appreciated.
WT 22/2/17

Cheap and easy to use
SS 22/2/17

Brill really easy to use and very good prices
SS 22/2/17

Good Price
PK 22/2/17

Easy to use and YouTube video on how to use and test was good
RS 21/2/17

I've used you before and know your products are good
JM 21/2/17

MH 21/2/17

Made previous purchase
RS 20/2/17

Chose for the price
MZ 20/2/17

Seems a legitimate website.
TG 20 /2/17

Looks a good site.
BH 20/2/17

Info from others advised me to try this website.
LD 18/2/17

Seemed a professional website
JI 18/2/17

Recommended by a Friend. Cheap.
GS 18/2/17

Uk based
LC 18/2/17

Returning customer. Chose UK Drug Testing as reliable
HD 17/2/17

Previous customer
BC 17/2/17

Chose UKDT because shows videos and good explanations
JW 17/2/17

Better choice
DC 17/2/17

Used site before. Great service
KW 17/2/17

Chose UK Drug Testing as have multi pack of the product required
JT 17/2/17

Previous customer
JA 16/2/17

Friend reccomend
JS 16/2/17

Good reviews
SW 16/2/17

Excellent, thank you Kathy
Kind regards,
SA 16/2/17

Good for value
SI 15/2/17

Easy site to use.
KW 15/2/17

Searching pon Google as we have suspicion of drugs use.
HT 15/2/17

We have used your site before and you always provide fast a reliable service of goods.
JL 15/2/17

I think I have used it before, not too sure but it looks the same.
EA 15/2/17

Very helpful website, first one on google. Keep up the good work.
JL 15/2/17

Perfect product
KB 14/2/17

Samples required to decide on use for workplace monitoring
MM 14/2/17

Recommended by a friend. Good reviews.
SW 13/2/17

Easiest website for workplace tests. Great youtube videos.
PC 13/2/17

Bought products before, easy to use and quick delivery time
AB 13/2/17

Easy to access and information informative. Value for money.
SA 13/2/17

Professional site, great price.
ST 13/2/17

Googled uk cannabis urine test.
LM 13/2/17

Used before for the price.
TD 13/2/17

Chose this site as I was looking for a Multi test kit
DW 12/2/17

Found you via my GP
YM 12/2/17

Easy to find information about each product
RM 11/2/17

I chose this site as it was easy to order.
TW 10/2/17

U.K based. Tests seem straight forward, hoping for simple use of kit.
JW 10/2/17

Good reviews
JS 10/2/17

Looks a professional site.
MF 10/2/17

Suspision of drug use. Great website.

Refered by a friend
SC 9/2/17

I chose this site as it is easy to use and because it is UK.
PC 9/2/17

Good website and easy to use tests.
AW 9/2/17

Looks a professional site.
RS 9/2/17

Very easy to use site
RE 9/2/17

Found you through safari and chose you as it appeared official looking. All drivers who use drugs should have a conscience and not flaunt drug driving laws.
TJ 9/2/17

Chose this site cuz it's cut above the rest. The only thing I would say is keep up the good work
PH 9/2/17

Seems expert
HB 8/2/17

Found site through H&S Manager. Like price
DB 8/2/17

Good price
NR 8/2/17

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as you have the product. found site through a friend. OK site
FZ 8/2/17

Quick delivery
AR 7/2/17

Seems reasonablely priced
SC 7/2/17

Ok thanks very much for your help.
MM 7/2/17

The item suited our requirements.
IF 7/2/17

Purchased for a family friend abroad.
AS 7/2/17

Found you through word of mouth.
RS 7/2/17

We found what we wanted and they are simple to use.
A S 7/2/17

Cheap prices
DW 7/2/17

Found you on the Internet looking for drug tests.
T 6/2/17

Quick and easy
JL 6/2/17

First on list
RS 6/2/17

Looked trustworthy
RS 6/2/17

Found what i was looking for
DA 6/2/17

Chose UK Drug Testing for availability of product
PF 6/2/17

I liked the layout of the site and information given on products. Easy to use. I will be happy to give more feed back once I receive the products
GH 6/2/17

Like Price
RA 6/2/17

Good price
JP 6/2/17

KK 6/2/17

Its cheap
DK 5/2/17

Chose UKDT AS reviews were very good
SR 5/2/17

KH 5/2/17

RP 4/2/17

Found through Google. Very good
AR 4/2/17

Hope it works
GH 3/2/17

Looked good
AB 3/2/17

SD 3/2/17

Very good and easy to use. The first site I saw. Will definitely recommend the site
JN 3/2/17

Chose UK Drug Testing as you have the product. Found site through a friend. OK site
FZ 3/2/17

Cheaper price than current supplier
DS 3/2/17

Thanks very much
ST 3/2/17

Shows up if sample tampered with
AS 3/2/17

Best prices
CC 3/2/17

Recomended to me. Good service
DH 3/2/17

UK Drug Testing had what I was looking for
PH 3/2/17

Cheap price
ED 2/2/17

CW 2/2/17

Affordable test kits available.
CK 1/2/17

Read recommendations before choosing your website.
AC 1/2/17

The website looked official and made me confident to order.
JM 1/2/17

Easy instructions prompted me to use this website.
ED 1/2/17

Very easy shopping!!
AV 1/2/17

January 2017 feedback and customer comments

Best price
DB 31/1/17

Found your website through word of mouth
SS 31/1/17

Chosen for the value
VF 31/1/17

Good selection of kits
AB 30/1/17

Your website was recommended
DE 30/1/17

I've used this site before
PB 30/1/17

Good website. Fast postage. Thanks
CG 30/1/17

Your site looks very good
MB 29/1/17

Chose UK Drug Testing for price & spec
JB 27/1/17

Arrived as stated, well packed.
BH 27/1/17

Good prices
DH 27/1/17

Chose for the price.
AD 26/1/17

PR 27/1/17

Very efficient website and pleased I can pay with paypal.
AR 26/1/17

Good reviews
AW 25/1/17

Good prices
LM 25/1/17

I have used this site before.
BT 25/1/17

After searching the web I found yours to be the best one.
VC 25/1/17

I randomly searched your website and I found it easy to order.
DM 25/1/17

Good price and I found your website ok.
AC 24/1/17

I have used you before. Good quick service, and a good product
AL 24/1/17

Cheapest site
WS 24/1/17

I chose this site as it gave good value.
GE 24/1/17

Good website, recommended
LH 24/1/17

25ng tests available.
AJ 24/1/17

Clear website, recommended.
AP 24/1/17

Site easy to use
LP 23/1/17

Found site through recommendation
AB 23/1/17

Value for money
KS 23/1/17

Found UK Drug Testing through work
GA 23/1/17

Previous order
JF 23/1/17

Easy to use website
CL 23/1/17

Returning customer
PB 23/1/17

Seems a reputable site. Good advertisement in web page.
MJ 23/1/17

Your site was easy to use
LH 23/1/17

I found your site clear and easy to use. I looked through various sites but this seems to be what I'm looking for.
DR 21/1/17

Your website was recommended.
EH 20/1/17

Thanks for the good service
RWB 20/1/17

Great support from Linda in Customer Services.
NV 20/1/17

Your site was recommended
CM 19/1/17

That's very kind Kathy, I'll order NOW.
NB 19/1/17

Used site before
MA 18/1/17

Professional site
MJ 18/1/17

UKDT sold items I needed.
MG 18/1/17

I found this a professional site.
KS 18/1/17

Have used this website before. Good Price.
MW 18/1/17

Website wass easy to use.
NS 18/1/17

Very happy with the items description as it matched what we received. Well packaged.
MT 18/1/17

Chose this site for the choice of products
A 17/1/17

We have used this site before.
SW 17/1/17

I thank you for your e-mail and for sending me a replacement.
MD 17/1/17

Your website offered what I wanted and it was the first I looked at.
SB 17/1/17

Recommended, good website.
RS 16/1/17

Chose UKDT as it is cheap.
RK 16/1/17

Quick easy site
KB 16/1/17

I chose UKDT as it is a UK company and it has a good name.
AA 15/1/17

Previous customer, pleased with the range of products.
LS 15/1/17

The reviews prompted me to choose this website to purchase tests.
GM 14/1/17

I chose this website as they supply Multi Tests
RD 14/1/17

To test a family member
JW 13/1/17

Chose this website for the ease of use.
MA 13/1/17

I was told about it about it by a friend. Will use again.
TA 13/1/17

Very good. Seemed the best site.
JM 12/1/17

Recommended by a friend
PB 12/1/17

Chose this site as they sold single test kits
MR 12/1/17

A number of options to choose from.
CM 11/1/17

Plenty of choice
AM 11/1/17

Chose this website after reading the customer reviews
SM 11/1/17

GM 11/1/17

I want to see if my partner is using drugs
CP 11/1/17

Looked good
KJ 10/1/17

Chose this site because you are uk based
DW 10/1/17

Next day delivery available.
TS 10/1/17

To stop rumours !
CH 9/1/17

Website has clear specifications
JM 9/1/17

Thank you. Appreciate your help.
SB 9/1/17

CL 9/1/17

Good site found through an Internet Advertisement.
WK 9/1/17

LD 9/1/17

Searched cannabis tests. Chose this site cos it said the only 1 down to 25ng
MM 9/1/17

Concerned parent
VL 9/1/17

Heard about you from a friend.
AB 9/1/17

Test my child
RP 9/1/17

Referred by a friend.
L 8/1/17

Fair prices. Well designed website and good product descriptions.
AB 8/1/17

Chose this site because of the kit for parents
LD 8/1/17

Used before and chosen for the price.
EJ 7/1/17

It was cheap and fast delivery
JW 7/1/17

Word of mouth. Great site and easy
AW 6/1/17

Good price
ST 6/1/17

That’s great
Thank you Kathy
YM 6/1/17

Easy website to use and it had what I was looking for.
NS 6/1/17

Chose for the prices.
JF 6/1/17

Easy to use site, cheap.
KE 5/1/17

It is UK based and reviews seemed good
SS 5/1/17

Chose UKDT for the information provided.
MW 5/1/17

Used before, quick delivery and response via e-mail.
DM 5/1/17

Used it before. Found it very easy to find what I was looking for.
AM 5/1/17

I have used this site bedfore. Easy to find products and a wide variety
MP 4/1/17

Ease of use
KB 4/1/17

Most comprehensive wwebsite.
AM 4/1/17

Chosen for the cost
A 4/1/17

Best option
JB 4/1/17

Good product
JW 4/1/17

OK, thanks very much for your help
Kind regards
CS 3/1/17

Looked good site
NL 3/1/17

Came recommended
AP 3/1/17

The product we needed at a good price
CY 3/1/17

JF 3/1/17

Ordered from UK Drug Testing at too many drivers probably on the gear
LW 3/1/17

Appears reliable.
JR 3/1/17

Easy to use. Great site!
NK 3/1/17

AM 3/1/17

Difficult to find home kits for teenagers saliva tests. Found site via your blogs
VM 3/1/17

It had what I wanted
AJ 3/1/17

UK Drug Testing had what I wanted
PB 2/1/17

December 2016 feedback and customer comments.

Very reasonable I imagined they would cost much more!
HM 31/12/16

Good pricing
ST 30/12/16

Easy to use
PF 30/12/16

Professional. Easy working site
BR 30/12/16

Cheapest price and website looked professional
KB 30/12/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
MB 30/12/16

Easy to use
CM 30/12/16

This website feels safe and trustworthy
AL 30/12/16

Recommended by a friend
LR 30/12/16

Chose UKDT for the price
CM 29/12/16

Used before
RC 28/12/16

PH 28/12/16

Looks professional
SA 27/12/16

Very helpful and informative. Used twice previously, very efficient
CS 24/12/16

Easy to use, good information
VI 24/12/16

Used before
NC 23/12/16

Combined Drugs & Alcohol Testing Kit
KT 23/12/16

Thank you very much.
Have a nice Christmas.
SS 23/12/16

Looks the best
MC 23/12/16

Good website
LM 22/12/16

Fast and efficient, easy to use and accurate products
SC 21/12/16

Clear info and wide product range
PN 21/12/16

First site with required product
HC 20/12/16

Many thanks for replying so quickly. That is very helpful and exactly what we needed.
Thanks again and happy Christmas!
Best regards,
JB 20/12/16

Top of list
MH 20/12/16

Hi Linda, Thank you very very much that has made my day. Hope you have a good Christmas and look forward to receiving the replacement.
T 20/12/16

Chose UK Drug Testing for the price.
MM 20/12/16

I spoke to a very helpful lady this morning called Cathy-I needed some help and information about one of your drugs testing kits
JB 20/12/16

Good products.Good and easy suff
SJ 19/12/16

A first rate service * * * * *
CH 18/12/16

easy site to use, recommended by a friend
SJ 18/12/16

JC 17/12/16

Easy descriptions on website
CT 17/12/16

A friend recommended this site
DC 17/12/16

Site easy to navigate through. Seems trustworthy.
AS 16/12/16

Very easy site to use
HC 16/12/16

Safe site
FI 16/12/16

Ease of use (with video of use of testing kit)
WM 16/12/16

JK 16/12/16

Chosen for the Price
S 15/12/16

seems reliable
MB 15/12/16

Brilliantly efficient transaction. Thank you
IE 15/12/16

lots of advice and info
VJ 14/12/16

Chose UKDT for the price
CL 14/12/16

U.K. Listed
JJ 13/12/16

professional layout
DM 13/12/16

UK Drug Testing was recommended
GS 13/12/16

Recommended by a friend
LB 13/12/16

Good price
DS 13/12/16

Good product choice
AR 13/12/16

JP 12/12/16

Great purchase thankyou
JO 12/12/16

Great website. Looked good
H 11/12/16

Bougt for a Secret Santa Christmas joke
JH 11/12/16

AA 10/12/16

UK supplier
CS 10/12/16

Product was all in one. The YouTube video demonstrates how easy it is to use.
NK 9/12/16

Good price
AC 9/12/16

Found this site through Amazon.Cheaper
DA 9/12/16

Chose this site for the reviews
DY 9/12/16

Chose this site as UK based
MA 9/12/16

Fast delivery would recommend seller & use again 5* service all round
RR 9/12/16

Found site via a recommendation
HS 8/12/16

It is close and when i rang I spoke to a very helpful lady
BA 8/12/16

I am being stopped seeing my son as I was apparently seen smoking canbis. I need to proove to her never to listen to others and the year I've lost shouldn't of ever happened as I got my daughter full time she should never of mist any of her brothers time... single father who been controlled by hurting me by using my son
MW 7/121/6

Easy navigation
RC 7/12/16

Clear and competitive price
MJ 7/12/16

Local police recommendation
PB 7/12/16

Lovely, many thanks
TC 7/12/16

Great site for drug testing.
CE 7/12/16

Very professional looking site, very informative and detailed information
DL 6/12/16

Used you before. Good service when used previously. First time I purchased from you. I rang to discuss and the lady who answered was very helpful and did the order for me over the phone. Nice that she took the time to help and not fob me off and tell me to order online. Excellent customer service
EB 6/12/16

Many thanks Linda. Kind regards
SL 5/12/16

Good Price
SP 4/12/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as from from UK
SJ 4/12/16

Like cost
LS 3/12/16

First one I came across
AM 3/12/16

Chose UK Drug Testing for choice and information provided
TS 2/12/16

PN 2/12/16

Chose UKDT because of the reviews
CM 1/12/16

Recommended by a friend
M 1/12/16

Cheapest for what i was looking for
JS 1/12/16

One of the first search results that came up and the price was good
RD 1/12/16

Easy site to use
GS 1/12/16

November 2016 feedback and customer comments

Good quality
M 30/11/16

Value for money
AR 30/11/16

Chose this site for the price
AP 30/11/16

I have used your company before
BR 30/11/16

purchased previously, happy with product
AB 29/11/16

MP 29/11/16

Recommended by a Friend
GT 29/11/16

Straightforward, clear and easy to use. I rang a couple of times and spoke to Linda who was really helpful.
LB 29/11/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as cheap prices
MW 29/11/16

Thank you for your help.
CH 29/11/16

Had wider test variety on drugs
L 29/11/16

Easy site to use and it had the right product for us
SA 29/11/16

Chose this site after reading the Reviews
EB 28/11/16

Recommended by my son
MH 28/11/16

Looked legit
RB 27/11/16

OFFERS PayPal for checkout
CW 26/11/16

Excellent site. Only site to have what I wanted
LJ 26/11/16

I spent several hours googling before I managed to find surface tests. Yours is the only one that sold surface testing kit
EC 26/11/16

KS 25/11/16

Advised by friend/family member who has used you before.
JS 25/11/16

Hi Kate
That’s perfect, thank you !
Many thanks
SW 25/11/16

Quick and easy
JL 25/11/16

Top of google
PN 25/11/16

Shocking website- very very difficult to use
AH 25/11/16

Reply-we are sorry to that that some of our customers experienced problems with website crashing this afternoon. We think it may have been a Black Friday effect.

Great site
DB 25/11/16

Returning customer
LK 25/11/16

Most trusted site
JM 25/11/16

Easy to use
JC 24/11/16

Like price
PF 24/11/16

Good site
DD 24/11/16

PJ 24/11/16

Good site
DD 24/11/16

Repeat Customer
LS 24/11/16

Reasonable prices
JM 23/11/16

What I was looking for
VJ 23/11/16

Previous Customer. Had the product we required. Really user friendly website
EH 23/11/16

Found UK Drug Testing by word of mouth. Cheapest
SB 23/11/16

Seems a genuine company
PT 23/11/16

Good site. Had what I needed
AH 23/11/16

Looked professional
JH 23/11/16

Look genuine site
MD 23/11/16

You were the only one selling what I was looking for
LD 23/11/16

Found on Google and looked professional
JH 23/11/16

Used before reliable service
JA 22/11/16

Very easy and professional
MA 22/11/16

It looked professional with lots of information on products suitable for my workplace
AG 21/11/16

Found site via a friend. I am travelling abroad and want to make sure my items are drug free
D 21/11/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as U.K. Site
KM 20/11/16

First one that came up
SE 20/11/16

Chose UK Drug Testing because of good feedback
YA 19/11/16

Had the best products and a reasonable price
HM 19/11/16

HW 19/11/16

Good site, good information
RG 18/11/16

Easy to use. Value for money
JD 17/11/16

Used UK Drug Testing before, reliable service
JA 17/11/16

Great site, chosen after research and found it to be easy to use.
MR 17/11/16

Used you before. Good service when used previously. First time I purchased from you. I rang to discuss and the lady who answered was very helpful and did the order for me over the phone. Nice that she took the time to help and not fob me off and tell me to order online. Excellent customer service.
EB 17/11/16

HI Kathy,
Great service. Thank you so much for your help. It was so nice to be able to speak to someone who was so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, who took the time to listen to my requirements and pin point me to the exact requirements. I would highly recommend your site and services.
Thanks again.
Kind Regards,
CH 17/11/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as lots of choice
RC 17/11/16

Very happy with service !
LR 17/11/16

Thank you kindly that will be very helpful
Kind regards
NT 16/11/16

Had what I wanted
LS 16/11/16

Straight forward web site
DC 16/11/16

Hi Kate, Thank you for your assistance
Kind regards,
NT 16/11/16

Good site
JJ 16/11/16

Ordering for business
KB 16/11/16

Chose UK Drug Testing after watching their videos
DE 16/11/16

Thanks for all your help :)
A. 16/11/16

Chose this site as professional
DF 15/11/16

Found what I needed straight away
CN 15/11/16

Easy to use and met our requirements
KW 15/11/16

Used in the past

PP 15/11/16

Cost effective. Looking forward to my item
AC 15/11/16

Good website
JB 15/11/16

Easy to use
WC 14/11/16

Customer Service is brilliant, woman was very nice to deal with
PA 14/11/16

AH 14/11/16

Great site. Professional design

Used UK Drug Testing before
PK 13/11/16

Cheap and easy to use
GL 13/11/16

Ease of use and purchase
DT 13/11/16

Good Price
LB 13/11/16

Great site
ML 13/11/16

Looks trustworthy
JB 12/11/16

Used UKDT before
LB 12/11/15

Chose UK Drug Testing for the price and the amount of drugs that the test tests for
AM 11/11/16

Good products
PH 11/11/16

Excellent site. Looked the most professional. Keep up the good work.
WK 11/11/16

Seemed most professional
AG 11/11/16

family issues, good prompt, discreet service.
EM 11/11/16

Easy website to use and good value
EI 11/11/16

Uk Site
SA 10/11/16

Looked trustworthy
AA 10/11/16

Had what I needed
YW 10/11/16

previous purchase
RC 10/11/16

Previous customr, convienient
MK 10/11/16

Repeat Customer
IY 10/11/16

Chose UKDT for the Price
BR 10/11/16

Your product is simple to use and tests wide range of substances
JP 9/11/16

cheap, relevant
AW 9/11/16

Easy to buy online and low price
PH 09/11/16

Found site by internet search. lowest price.
MR 08/11/16

Google top site low cost tests
BD 08/11/16

Easy to find on web and low prices
CH 07/11/16

I rang a couple of times and spoke to Linda who was really helpful.
LB 07/11/16

Ordered from you because you answered the phone. Make the store more user friendly. Provide a description of the product on the overview page, not just the name of the product. Categorise products on the left hand side.
JR 4/11/16

Thank you for your speedy reply I very much appreciate it.
NM 4/11/16

Great item good price fast delivery
LM 4/11/16

Chose for the price
FD 3/11/16

Good price
AH 3/11/6

The product recommended seems to be what we need
MD 3/11/16

Was looking through internet and you had what I needed.
SK 3/11/16

Seemed trustworthy site
EM 3/11/16

Looked easy to use
NB 2/11/16

UK company
JH 2/11/16

Site looked good
RV 2/11/16

Easy. Very good.
LA 2/11/16

Great in every way
CT 2/11/16

Item as described good service.
HH 2/11/16

I looked online and you had what I wanted.
HG 1/11/16

Easy to use
DA 2/11/16

Excellent - thank you.
SJ 1/11/16

Seemed trustworthy
EM 1/11/16

October 2016 feedback and customer comments.

Better products and price
AP 31/10/16

Fab site
SA 31/10/16

Chose this site for my Son
C 31/10/16

Was told about this site and chose it for Confidentiality and reliability
CS 30/10/16

I have used several times before
RB 29/10/16

Chosen for the range of products
BM 28/10/16

Recommended by a friend
BC 28/10/16

Chose for the price
SC 28/10/16

Really pleased with my item, great service too.
C 28/10/16

Used this site before
MB 28/10/16

Good site. You have the kits we are looking for
GS 27/11/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as product trust
VN 27/10/16

Thank you for being so understanding!
Kind Regards
RB 27/10/16

Good range of products plus low prices. I have drugs in my system that I didn't think I had took.
JM 26/10/16

User friendly
AF 26/10/16

Choice of product
JC 26/10/16

Comprehensive and great guidance/information. The product videos which demonstrate the product are superb
RC 26/10/16

Easy site to use
AM 26/10/16

Item as described and fast delivery, highly recommended
D 26/10/16

Starting new contracts regarding work for employee's
KT 25/10/16

Straightforward. Clear and easy to use.
SJ 25/10/16

Easiest website to use and to understand products.
JH 24/10/16

Easy to use
SM 24/10/16

lots of information
MW 24/10/16

Reputable company
JD 24/10/16

Chose UKDT for the Price
NB 23/10/16

Chose you because of the Google reviews
AM 22/10/16

I have used you before
D 22/10/16

SB 21/10/16

easy web site to use
TJ 21/10/16

Good website and easy to use
AW 21/10/16

I have now ordered these.
Kind regards
JB 21/10/16

Fast delivery
TM 20/101/6

Easy site to use.
SW 20/10/16

Chose this site for the range of products.
CD 20/10/16

Good Price
MW 19/10/16

I contacted UK drug testing regarding supply of breath testers and also drug testing in our workplace. The response was quick and Kathy took me through what would match our requirements.
The whole process took less than 10 minutes and the items I requested were here the next day.
The professionalism and detail to customer service is exemplary. And will definitely recommend to other companies
DC 19/10/16

Couldn't ask for more great contact and super fast postage thank you
RS 19/10/16

Cost effective
FP 18/10/16

Drug testing is new to me.
GD 18/10/16

Chose this site as you did lowest 25ng rate
NW 18/10/16

NFU Suggested they had seen other companies use this. Kathy was excellent over the phone with advice and knowledge.
RH 18/10/16

Easy to use site, informative but not overwhelming good prices
KL 18/10/16

For work
MH 18/10/16

DM 17/10/16

ME 17/10/16

Your feedback made me choose your site.
RP 17/10/16

No worries Kathy,
Thanks for your assistance.
GD 17/10/16

Found UK Drug Testing site though work
JS 17/10/16

Found site via recommendation. Chose UK Drug Testing good education videos and professional advice. Clear explanations and easy to use products
SC 16/10/16

Good site. Good quality for money
KE 16/10/16

For employees at work
EH 15/10/16

Meets my needs. Reasonably priced products
PP 15/10/'16

Cheapest price for best product
PP 15/10/16

It's the correct product I think to try
NW 15/10/16

Like thats its UK based
KJ 15/10/16

Found site through a friends recommendation
LH 14/10/16

1st to click on search
FJ 14/10/16

Like the variety
WS 14/10/16

Purchased for pre employment testing
CJ 14/10/16

Chose site as used previously
AC 14/10/16

Knew UK Drug Testing from previous purchase. It met our requirements
CJ 14/10/16

Good site. Looked fot suitable test
LS 14/10/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as had clear explanation
SL 14/10/16

Brought from here before
ZA 14/10/16

Looked professional
IB 14/10/16

Chose UKDT as it looked promising. I have used you before.
JM 14/10/16

Easy to use website. Easy to find on Google search.
ZJ 13/10/16

Best price
SD 13/10/16

Thank you so much for your very speedy dispatch & delivery. Brilliant!
VS 13/10/16

I searched Google and you had what I was looking for.
SG 13/10/16

A friend told me about your site.
KL 13/10/16

Recommended by a friend
BS 12/10/16

Looks and reads very proffesional.
JO 12/10/16

It was cheap
CR 12/10/16

JC 11/10/16

ZM 11/10/16

UK Dug Testing was recommended. Drug talk advisor recommended and used before. Used before.
AL 11/11/16

First site I found
YH 11/10/16

Quick delivery, item as described
SF 11/10/16

Chose this site for the presentation and information
RS 10/10/16

Google search. Liked the product on offer.
GW 10/10/16

Recommended by a friend. Good reviews
LF 10/10/16

Used before. Good products and always find what I need
DC 10/10/16

That's great - thank you,
MA 10/10/16

Best kit for price
JC 9/10/16

Chose UK Drug Testing because of ratings
DT 9/10/16

Quick browse and I found what I needed
DC 8/10/16

Seached in Google under 'Drug Testing Kits'
Easy to understand product. Keen to see if ideal for personal and business use.
AS 8/10/16

Like Price
PE 8/10/16

That's great thanks
PS 7/10/16

Used UK Drug Testing before and coupon tempted me. Thank you for discount codes
SH 7/10/16

That's brilliant Kate, thank you very much for this
PS 7/10/16

First one I looked at
JR 7/10/16

Previous customer
PS 7/10/16

I have used UK Drug Testing in the past
LJ 7/10/16

Good price
HL 7/10/16

Seems accurate
KI 7/10/16

Looked easy
PB 7/10/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as had a range of products
GW 6/10/16

Very easy process. Cheap.
KM 6/10/16

Excellent site. Uncomplicated.
EM 6/10/16

Previous customer
MA 6/10/16

Product looks good
DD 6/10/16

Chose this site as it had the item in stock
AL 6/10/16

To test my 15 year old daughter
TD 5/10/16

UK based
SM 5/10/16

Looked professional
AS 5/10/16

Good price. Cheap.
C 5/10/16

Used before
TC 5/10/16

First site I saw on the internet
DE 4/10/16

Previous customer. Bought before.
N 4/10/16

Chose this site for the speed of delivery.
HJ 4/10/16

I chose UKDT for specialisation of products.
RN 4/10/16

PH 4/10/16

Good site, chose fort the price
PH 4/10/16

Best site
LM 3/10/16

Looks Professional
SS 3/10/16

Cheap tests
DP 3/10/16

Good site.
GG 3/10/16

Chose you by reading your feedback from previous customers
GH 3/10/16

Need to no wa I am getting
RT 1/10/16

September 2016 feedback and customer comments

Trust UK Drug Testing
KB 30/9/16

MB 30/9/16

Good presentation of goods & looked straightforward
JA 30/9/16

Have purchased products from UK Drug Testing in the past. Good service
AK 30/9/16

Easy to use. The first site that came up on my search.
AW 30/9/16

Easy website to use. Used you before.
EB 30/9/16

Easy to use site.
E 29/9/16

Recommended by a friend. Quality
JD 29/9/16

JC 29/9/16

differentiated Opiates
AB 29/9/16

Used the site previously
JM 29/9/16

Great Kathy thanks
PN 29/9/16

For my friends son
JG 28/9/16

Used UK Drug Testing several times before and received good service
DB 27/9/16

Very easy to use. Very professional
JC 27/9/16

Like price
CR 27/9/16

Used UK Drug Testing website before
SM 27/9/16

Seemed to be the best
PL 27/9/16

Always good to deal with. Many thanks.
MD 27/9/16

Chose this site as it was cheaper
DH 27/9/16

Price was good
JG 26/9/16

Many Thanks all received.
Kind Regards
MS 26/9/16

Product matches requirements
RB 26/9/16

Sounds good
AK 25/9/16

Most professional
TF 25/9/16

Find reliable
FM 25/9/16

You had the item in stock
JL 24/9/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as convenient
CP 23/9/16

Easy to use
RM 23/9/16

Used site before. Made past orders. Update website to be able to see past orders
LJ 23/9/16

UK Drug Tesing was easy to navigate and had what I wanted
TB 23/9/16

1st uk site I saw
KC 23/9/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
OH 22/9/16

Clear site. Long process to check out - paypal is the future please look at it !
PC 22/9/16

Good site
NC 22/9/16

Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help.
LB 22/9/16

Great, many thanks
IK 22/9/16

Previous user of company. Simple to use website.
CF 22/9/16

Seems legitimate
HK 21/9/16

Found this site hrough our HR Department
DW 21/9/16

Previous customer. Excellent service and pricing
DS 21/9/16

liked the You tube vidoes showing how to use the product
KB 21/9/16

Required to test a family member
TH 20/91/6

Chose UKDT as it looked like the best one
EL 20/9/16

Used before. Ease of use and information
JM 20/9/16

Existing customer. Quality
LG 20/9/16

tests were bought from here as they are reliable
SH 20/9/16

Chose yur site as you had the best offer
SC 20/9/16

Easy to use
AP 19/9/16

Looked professional
ND 19/9/16

Straight forward
LH 19/9/16

reasonable price
AW 19/9/16

Internet search. Good reviews.
JH 19/9/16

Many thanks for your kind attention on this
GF 19/9/16

To test employees
JP 19/9/16

Website looks professional. Easy to order.
SJ 19/9/16

Easiest website
LM 19/9/16

This is to test kids dad as sure he drives whilst on drugs
PF 19/9/16

Searched the Internet for drug test kits. Your product is exactly what we need and the product described is perfect. We chose this product as we have a teenage daughter, who is now at that age and is running about with undesirables, your product offers us all the thing we can check just by blowing into this machine, I hope it will never be used
LI 18/9/16

Good website
MJ 18/9/16

DM 18/9/16

First option after websearch. Brilliant!
SS 18/9/16

Good website. Recommended.
NW 16/9/16

Chose UKDT for the price and range
SA 16/9/16

Sporadic browsing for tests. Cheap.
AM 16/9/16

I emailed an enquiry in and was advised to speak to the sales team. Kathy was incredibly helpful and knowledgable, but also did not push me into making a purchase. Huge thanks to Kathy for making this daunting process incredibly easy and informative.
SS 15/9/16

Easy to read information
MR 14/9/16

Informative website and easy to use.
DC 14/9/16

Looks a simple test and had video demos.
PW 14/9/16

Previous experience
MA 14/9/16

Used before and coupon tempted me. Thank you for discount codes.
SH 14/9/16

This site has the best information
ME 14/9/16

Previous customer. Good experience
LS 13/9/16

Seems official
RW 12/9/16

Very good site. Seems clear and proffesional
JS 12/9/16

SK 12/9/16

Looks good
LC 12/9/16

looks the best
JP 11/9/16

Found on google. Simple site.
PB 10/9/16

Used this site before
EF 10/9/16

Chosen for the price
LC 10/9/16

Website easy to use.
JM 9/9/16

DG 9/9/16

Reasonable price
CB 9/9/16

First 1 that came up
AS 9/9/16

The quick, simple, reliable, and economic tests are made to measure for all industrial applications that we have to meet. It provides a confidence that we didn't know we needed until we decided to exercise our drug alcohol policy.
RC 9/9/16

Fantastic service, quick delivery and excellent prices. This site has reduced my expenditure and I have been able to pass on my savings to my customers.
DE 8/9/16

Chose this site after reading the information supplied.
MP 8/9/16

I have purchased for work.
LK 8/9/16

HN 7/9/16

SM 7/9/16

Returning customer
WS 7/9/16

Chose this site to make a quick purchase. Good fast service.
EM 7/9/16

Good website. Clear instructions.
EB 6/9/16

Chose UK Drug Testing for confidentiality
TS 6/9/16

Value for money
JK 6/9/16

Reasonably priced
SH 6/9/16

Thanks so much for your timely reply.
EO 6/9/16

Thankyou, I'll place an order
MJ 6/9/16

Hi thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
Thanks again
G K 6/9/16

Thank you very much
AH 6/9/16

Cheap Prices
KR 5/9/16

Good site
LN 5/9/16

RP 5/9/16

Very fast delivery great item thanks x
M 5/9/16

Previous purchase
HD 5/9/16

Google search for weed test kit. Comprehensive range of products.
LM 4/9/16

AH 4/9/16

Searching for reliable drug test
SS 4/9/16

Looks reliable
CW 4/9/16

Easy site to use. Cheapest
HM 2/9/16

This site seemed more reliable with information
JS 2/9/16

Chose the first site that came up and price. Easy explained and clear.
D 1/9/16

CD 1/9/16

Website looked good and user friendly
SE 1/9/16

Very informative website.
LR 1/9/16

July 2016 feedback and customer comments

Easy to use
MS 31/7/16

First one in search results, looks professional
LE 31/7/16

Good site
PH 31/7/16

Looks professional and reliable
ER 30/7/16

Speedy delivery
CW 30/7/16

Had what I wanted
KS 30/7/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as well illustrated and priced products
AB 30/7/16

Thank you for your help Linda!
SE 29/7/16

User friendly site. Chose for the price
DK 29/7/16

Site easy to use
AJ 29/7/16

Arrived quickly, competitively priced. Thank you.
H 29/7/16

Required a test for suspect powder
SG 29/7/16

Good Site
PH 29/7/16

First site that came up and chose it for suitability of products.
RM 28/7/16

Good information provided
BS 28/7/16

Chose for the price.
KE 28/7/16

Looks a reliable Website.
ZJ 28/7/16

Good value & quick delivery. Thank you
MM 28/7/16

Good product and service
VW 27/7/16

Top result
MB 28/7/16

To monitor son
MA 27/7/16

Good selection of products. Helpul customer service.
MM 26/7/16

Chose your site because of the choice of testing kits.
ES 26/7/16

Recommended. Easy to do.
CB 25/7/16

Found your site from brousing the internet after suspision at work.
JO 25/7/16

Old customer. Used this site many times.
SG 23/7/16

Chose this site for the price
SB 23/7/16

Suspect son on drugs
LT 22/7/6

Chose this site after recommendations.
AH 22/7/16

Easy website to use
CT 22/7/16

Simple, clear, comprehensive, cheap
PP 22/7/16

Good value. Great will use again
JB 21/7/16

Chose UK Drug Testing because the reviews I read were impressive
ZS 21/7/16

Good product as described and prompt service.
H 21/7/16

Exactly as advertised, perfect
I 21/7/16

UK store
GD 20/7/16

Have used ithis site before.
KK 20/7/16

Reasonable prices
SB 20/7/16

Well presented website
BD 20/7/16

Suited my needs
CM 20/7/16

Your site was recommended to me by a friend.
FM 20/7/16

You are exellent.Thanx x
MN 20/7/16

Found your site through Facebook. I've been clean off marijuana and I went to keep testing myself.
DT 20/7/16

Like website
CF 19/7/16

Thank you for that.
ST 19/7/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as cost effective
JR 19/7/16

Easy to use
CE 18/7/16

Easy wesite to get to
MM 18/7/16

Website recommended
HC 18/7/16

Found site via a friend recommendation
SC 18/7/26

CHose UK Drug Testing as trustworthy
PT 18/7/16

Product gave result in 5 mins
ML 18/7/16

Seems more realiable. Very good site
MS 18/7/16

Used UK Drug Testing before . Like ease of use
JS 17/7/16

Looks and sound credible
RH 17/7/16

First one on the internet. Good
LD 17/7/16

Bought before
GL 16/7/16

Good product
MR 15/7/16

Good deals
JB 15/7/16

Liked the look and price off test
DA 15/7/16

Reasonable priced
AC 14/7/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as worried about grand children who I have caught taking drugs
ST 14/7/16

Previous customer
KR 14/7/16

Product did what I wanted
NP 14/7/16

Fair price
WA 14/7/16

Looks good site
CH 14/7/16

Chose this site because of other recommendations
SP 13/7/16

UK Drug Testing met our requirements
PR 13/7/16

I have been a customer of UK Drug Testing for over 5 years. My orders are always dealt with professionally and speedily. The staff are helpful and friendly and will always endeavour to answer any queries that you have regarding testing. I look forward to continuing my business with them for the next 5 years!
WF 13/7/16

Used before
CS 13/7/16

Great sitE. Used it before
KJ 13/7/16

Looked most legit site
CR 12/7/16

Seems safe
AD 12/7/16

Clear site well designed and intuitive
NG 12/7/16

Cheapest price
DB 12/7/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing to try new product
HO 12/7/16

BEST SERVICE EVER.! I needed a test sent urgently and they had it couriered out before 9am the next morning, this saved a highly paid job from going down the swanny, quality was fantastic service fantastic cannot express enough my gratitude to the staff for their efforts in getting me the product in time. I will tell everyone who needs to use this service that this is the BEST by far company to use.
KS 11/7/16

Professional information
JM 11/7/16

Chose this site after research
ZR 11/7/16

Thank you very much for all your help.
SE 12/7/16

Interested in measuring the morning after
SB 11/7/16

Easy to understand
CW 12/7/16

Couldn't find another
MR 11/7/16

Found site via friends. Cheap price. Good work
ND 11/7/16

Good price
RD 11/7/16

Chose this site for low cost
DH 11/7/16

Reliable. Good price
NM 11/7/16

1st site which came up
ST 10/7/16

Good value
MK 10/7/16

Previous purchase
MS 9/7/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as suited my needs
ES 10/7/16

Reasonably priced. Good site . Easy to follow
KW 9/7/16

Brilliant. Easy to use
JP 9/7/16

You may remember my phoning you in a panic for my sons test which you provided a solution that saved him from losing a top job, He has learned a lesson and your company and excellent drug test product was simply fantastic, a next day before 9am courier service astounded with that service. I will be telling everyone about how this company goes the extra mile to get you your product.
Ms S 9/7/16

Good information
PS 8/7/16

LL 8/7/16

It was there first
SW 8/7/16

Excellent, fast and efficient. Very professional and easy to navigate.
CM 8/7/16

Easy to use. Brilliant!
JP 8/7/16

UB 8/7/16

Specializes in what we are looking for. Very easy check out. clear and easy to access al types of website
TL 7/7/16

I have now changed my review, and due to your courtesy and professionalism have rated your service with top marks. Also I would like to thank you personally again for rectifying the problem so fast, and I will definitely be using your service in the future. Kind regards.
JS 7/7/16

IJ 7/7/16

Previous customer. Website easy to navigate.
FW 7/7/16

Great product, fast delivery
HK 7/7/16

Very good quality . Quick delivery too. Highly recommended
TH 7/7/16

Got kits Kathy !
LK 6/7/16

Next day delivery
ND 6/7/16

I'm a concerned parent and there are parent testing kits.
DP 6/7/16

Fast and discreet. Great service
CP 5/7/16

Good site, got it suggested.
RS 5/7/16

It looks very professional and used it before.
BN 5/7/16

Work requirement.
AB 5/7/16

Looks the best
EC 5/7/16

Easy website to use.
TC 4/7/16

Chose UKDT for the price
DC 4/7/16

The website was easy to use and to place an order and all my items arrived within a couple of days. The products were as described and easy to use with good instructions.
KC 4/7/16

GD 4/7/16

Good price
GT 4/7/16

Chose UK DrugTesting as site was easy to navigate and informative
AB 3/7/16

Found site easy to navigate ease of use very well presented. Recommended to my company by another company who have used your services before.
CK 3/7/16

Good site
HS 3/7/16

Like price
CD 3/7/16

I have used UK Drug Testing in the past. Fantastic products and service. Thank you.
RB 2/7/16

Good site
RP 2/7/16

Thank you for your very quick response. Yes thank you this problem was resolved immediately.
Kind Regards
RS 1/7/16

Found UK Drug Testing site on google first choice
CM 1/7/16

Look OK for me
PM 1/7/16

Got what I needed
KM 1/7/16

Reasonable price. Easy use
SC 1/7/16

Chose UK Drugtesting for the price
LK 1/7/16

Good price
VH 1/7/16

May 2016 feedback and customer comments

Found out about your site from life line in rotherham
MS 31/5/16

Right product at good price, good information.
CR 31/5/16

Chose for acuracy
CR 30/5/16

Existing customer. Used UK Drug Testing before
NC 29/5/16

Looks the best. Thanks
JB 28/5/16

UK based and user friendly
LH 28/5/16

Chose this site as lots of detail on products
DP 28/5/16

Good site
MH 27/5/16

I wanted a product that was reliable
PD 27/5/16

Items and relevant information available
IB 26/5/16

Tests required for staff checks.
SC 26/5/16

Previous buy
DM 25/5/16

Seemed legit
JF 25/5/16

Repeat order
DF 25/5/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as test said more sensitive
DR 25/5/16

This site met all my requirements. Easy to use.
RL 25/5/16

Chose this site because I wanted a product that was reliable
PD 24/5/16

Website looked Professional
MT 24/5/16

Appear to be good quality and manufacturing name sounds reputable
M 23/5/16

Previous order. Easy and quick to use.
SR 23/51/6

Ease of access
KT 23/51/6

Easy search
MT 23/5/16

Good product and prices
AP 23/5/16

Good price
LC 21/5/16

Good explanations
MN 21/5/16

AF 20/5/16

This was a very positive experience. I spoke to friendly and helpful member of staff. My urine drugs tests arrived with great speed and ease. Highly recommended service.
JL 20/5/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as cheaper
JR 20/5/16

Site was very clear and useful
RR 20/5/16

CW 19/51/6

Chose this site as it was founded by medical professionals. Fantastic website very informative & helpful
HL 19/5/16

Thank you so much. I'll get some ordered now. Kind Regards.
SX 19/5/16

Site looks good
NC 18/51/6

RB 18/51/6

Chose this site for the type of products provided
BT 18/5/16

Was the item I wanted at the best price
CW 18/5/16

Drug test accurate to 25ng. Only site I can find with a low ng reading.
AW 18/5/16

Looks simple to use
CO 18/5/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
AD 18/5/16

Good day,
Thanks for the update.
Thanks & best regards
JP 18/5/16

Good product, efficient service. No complaints and would definitely use you again.
JS 17/5/16

Previous use. Reliable service in past
IL 17/5/`16

Professional layout
MW 17/5/16

Looked professional
SA 17/5/16

Liked what was offered
WM 17/5/16

Spoke to customer services and were very helpful
HH 17/5/16

Found UK Drug Testing site word of mouth
AS 17/5/16

Previous experience made me choose this site.
MA 17/5/16

Looks reliable. Your customer service team have been so helpfull making my choice of product
KC 17/5/16

SH 17/5/16

Easy process for ordering and paying. Items came very quickly and well packaged. My only observation is to suggest that where people buy separate drug testing kits, they remind them the need to buy the additional accessories too.
AS 16/5/16

MM 16/5/16

Seemed good
CW 16/5/16

Good site
DR 16/5/16

Clear explanations
LS 16/5/16

Seemed very professional and good reviews
MS 16/5/16

Good range of well priced products. Good site, well presented video.
PR 16/51/6

Recommended by a friend
SW 15/5/16

Seemed the best site.
AM 14/5/16

Good reviews from previous customers
SC 14/5/16

All the information is easy to read and understand. Found site via a friend.
JW 13/5/16

Perfect products and service.
GR 13/5/16

Easy enough to use, but could do with having reviews. UK based
DH 13/5/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as a worried parent
LK 13/5/16

Quick and simple to use - very effective
ME 12/5/16

Previous customer. Ease and convenience.
KR 12/5/16

Recommended by a colleague.
VH 12/5/16

Staff were very helpful when I phoned
WM 12/5/16

Chose UKDT because you had a combi-pack
AW 12/5/16

Easy to use site. Have used your company before.
DP 12/5/16

Had what was required
DC 12/51/6

Easy to find product, good layout
JT 12/5/16

Industry Requirement
SE 12/5/16

Fair price
SM 11/5/16

Used this site becasuse the info was good
MP 11/51/6

Ordered from UKDT as good report
JR 11/5/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
KM 11/5/16

TH 10/5/16

Recommended by a friend. Cheap prices
SB 10/5/16

Great site
CV 10/5/16

KK 10/5/16

GD 10/5/16

Great site
RD 10/5/16

Previous customer.
TH 9/5/16

Looks a professional site
MC 9/5/16

Previous user.
MA 9/5/16

A friend told me about your site. Easy to use.
LR 9/5/16

Good site.
DD 9/5/16

Ease of use and clear information. Good clear webpage.
AS 9/5/16

Already a customer. Used before and easy to use.
LS 9/5/16

Easy site to use
FM 7/5/16

Easy to use
ZD 7/5/16

Thought the price was good
PB 7/5/16

Thank you it's much appreciated.Thank you for your time!
RH 6/5/16

Ordered as wanted low threshold testing
JB 6/5/16

Chose to order from this site following advice per sales team
AS 6/5/16

Used UK Drug Testing previously. Chose this site due to costs.
RB 6/5/16

UK Drug Testing was recommended
AM 6/5/16

Liked the products and price
CH 5/5/16

Easy site to use as I found everything I was looking for and information was available
CJ 5/5/16

Recommended by a friend. Easy
AK 5/5/16

Used it many times. Great service.
SJ 5/5/16

Great site.
LB 4/5/16

Very informative, easy to find products. We have ordered drug test kits from you before.
I did telephone to ask details of the product I have ordered and was given good advice from the operator, she was very helpful and after our conversation I was sure that I was choosing the right product, thank you.
AP 4/5/16

Good testing kits
JA 4/5/16

Most clear & comprehensive
SB 4/5/16

Only option to buy single test strip in box of 50
SD 4/5/16

Excellent. Thank you.
Kind regards
CL 3/5/16

Thank you for your prompt reply.
Kind regards,
JB 3/5/16

UK Drug Testing was one of first I saw
AA 3/5/16

You had the product required
LP 3/5/16

Easy to understand
CT 3/5/16

Best site. Quick and reliable.
CB 2/5/16

1 day delivery
US 2/4/16

Easy site to use.
KA 2/4/16

Clear website good price
KA 2/5/16

Easy site. Just found online
KS 1/5/16

April 2016 feedback and customer comments

Good site
CW 30/4/16

Very Professional and informative
DH 30/4/16

Test son
PP 29/4/16

Looked good value
P 29/4/16

Price and UK site
S 29/4/16

Good price
NS 29/4/16

Like price
RW 29/4/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as UK site
SL 28/4/16

Prices cheaper
CH 28/4/16

Used UK Drug Testing before, previous good service.
LJ 28/4/16

Chose this site as value & like look
JS 28/4/16

Very quick service, very reliable and helpful , I made a mistake on my address when giving my delivery details they emailed me straight away and the problem was solved withing matter off minutes and still had my order the next day
JR 27/4/16

Quick service
KL 27/4/16

I rang up and recieved help, service was excellent.
NF 27/4/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as good site :)
LM 27/4/16

Site easy to use
AQ 26/4/16

Chose this site for price
GD 26/4/16

Thank you for your reply, they arrived today so thank you very much for your help.
I shall leave a review for you now. All the best
GL 27/4/16

I have been on this site before and like price
CC 25/4/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing to drug test persons undertaking installation work
RB 25/4/16

Good site well set up
DB 25/4/16

Professional site
MC 25/4/16

VD 25/4/16

Company any supplies, requires stock.
SH 25/4/16

Site looks good
H 25/4/16

HD 24/4/16

Cheapest option.
JS 23/4/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as it's in the UK
MB 22/4/16

Hi Linda. It was me doing it wrong !!! Its working fine now. Thank you for your help x
EA 22/4/16

Thanks Kate. Appreciate the assistance (you may be my new best friend for the next few months while I’m finding my feet with this testing process)
SG 22/4/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as company policy
PB 22/4/16

Chose this site as you are in UK
JS 22/4/16

We have been dealing with UK Drug Testing for some time. The customer service is first class. one of the team is always on hand to answer questions and give advice. The items that we have bought have been well packaged and delivered on time. we will continue to use their goods and services and have no hesitation in recommending them.
RS 21/4/16

Used UK Drug Testing site before
SP 21/4/16

Browsing on the internet. Had what I wanted.
KH 21/4/16

Thanks Kathy, much obliged for your attention

RG 21/4/16

Good site, chose afer reading reviews.
EB 21/4/16

Wanted just a cannibis test
JC 20/4/16

Seems legit
K 20/4/16

Good reviews. Keep doing what you are doing.
IA 19/4/16

Good Price
MW 19/4/16

UK Drug Testing first one
GB 19/4/16

Clear and easy to use website
EO 19/4/16

It was clear and straightforward
JP 18/4/16

Top of choice
NP 18/4/16

Ordered following phone call. Very helpfull staff, explained what I required.
GS 18/4/16

BC 17/4/16

Reviews were excellent
RP 17/4/16

1st choice
PB 16/4/16

It had everything i needed in the description
LD 16/4/16

Recommended by a friend
DC 16/4/16

Easy to find what I wanted
SA 16/4/16

It's in the uk
SR 16/4/16

Chose UKDT for the cost and ease of use.
RN 15/4/16

CE and ISO certified
DB 14/4/16

Searched internet for cannabis breathalyser
DM 13/41/6

Looks an easy Site to use and meets my needs.
SM 13/4/16

Had what I wanted
ES 13/4/16

Cheap and fast
TD 13/4/16

TG 12/4/16

Liked video link with simple instructions on administering
GF 12/4/16

Supplied what I wanted
KW 12/4/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
OH 12/4/16

SW 12/4/16

Really helpful customer service
LB 12/4/16

Best choice of non urine tests
SS 11/4/16

Chose this site because of the reviews
DV 11/4/16

Very good site, you had exactly what I wanted
AB 11/4/16

Sounds good
BJ 11/4/16

I think it's a good site
LB 10/4/16

Quick. Easy to use.
SG 10/4/16

Looked easy and clear
AM 10/4/16

Very simple site. It was recommended
GO 8/4/16

Site sounds good
BJ 8/4/16

Straight forward and a variety of test to chose from which is good.
KT 7/4/16

Used previously
JC 7/4/16

Previously used
IL 7/4/16

Nice site. Cheap and easy. You are fast quick and cheap, keep it up! thanks
RF 7/4/16

Good site. Good service.
EM 6/4/16

Easy to find product. Ordering is easy.
ME 6/4/16

Chose UKDT for the price / value
EH 5/4/16

Value for money
JH 5/4/16

Simplicity of test
EI 5/4/16

PM 5/4/16

Good presentation
CR 5/4/16

Useful site.
B 4/4/16

1st site I looked at. Good info.
ST 4/4/16

Used before
YA 4/4/16

Easy site. Had what I wanted.
EG 3/4/16

DC 2/4/16

Great and easy site to use. User friendly and description reference.
AS 2/4/16

Very easy site. Trustworthy
KF 2/4/16

IW 2/4/16

AW 1/4/16

Appeared proffesional
IL 1/4/16

August 2016 feedback and customer comments

Previous purchase. Prrevious excellent service
DS 31/8/16

Used your website before. The tests are good.
MH 31/8/16

Required for work.
HH 31/8/16

Looks official
NC 31/8/16

SC 31/8/16

All good. Great item as described - many thanks
FA 31/8/16

Chose this website for the price and products. Cheaper alternative would be good for urine sample cups.
MT 30/8/16

Very good
LS 30/8/16

MJ 30/8/16

Reasonable price
MR 30/8/16

The first site I looked at, good info pages.
RG 29/8/16

Good site, trustworthy.
CR 28/8/16

Chose your website for the ease of use
BH 28/8/16

First results in google. Easy to use.
LM 26/8/16

UK based
JT 26/8/16

Easy to use
WC 26/8/16

Looks like a trusting site.
GF 25/8/16

Chose your website for my son
TM 24/8/16

LI 24/8/16

Super Seller recommend ;)
AJ 24/8/16

Company recommendation. Excellent communication via email and phone. Great knowledge fo products and service.
LB 24/8/16

Chose UKDT because of the reviews.
CK 23/8/16

Used previously. Satisfied previous customer. I have used your site on 3 previous occasions. Pricing has always been competitive and fast delivery.
IR 22/8/16

MM 22/8/16

Clear information given on website and You Tube clip
CL 22/8/16

UK based. Recommended by a friend.
LI 21/8/16

Fairly easy to Navigate
MS 21/8/16

To test my son
RB 21/8/16

I trusted the site
BB 21//8/16

DP 20/8/16

I read the reviews
SS 20/8/16

looked good
SH 20/8/16

You had the better product
JS 20/8/16

LB 22/8/16

Recommended by Friends
RA 19/8/16

Seems appropriate for my purpose
TP 18/8/16

looks proffessional
RE 18/8/16

Good price
LR 18/8/16

Highly informative and easy to navigate. Please put together a parent's starter kit which tests for all drug types particularly the very popular party/festival drugs of choice right now
SK 18/8/16

Previous order
PE 18/8/16

Hi, Thank you for your help on the phone.
ST 17/8/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
CL 17/8/16

EM 17/8/16

We have used you before. Always excellent and reliable service
JL 17/8/16

Previous customer
AS 16/8/16

Easy of use
JK 15/8/16

Found site via a friend
RE 15/8/16

Chose UKDT as seems genuine and specialised in the subject !
LG 15/8/16

UK Drug Testing had what I wanted
NM 15/8/16

Like ease of use and information provided
BM 15/8/16

Many thanks
DM 15/8/16

Like Price
TB 15/8/16

Good site . Cheap prices
KS 15/8/16

Chose this site because of next day delivery
LF 15/8/16

Friend recommended site
HJ 15/8/16

Chose UKDT for price
RR 14/8/16

Good price
PB 13/8/16

Looked good site
VH 13/8/16

Easy to use
KR 13/8/16

It suited my purpose
AW 13/8/16

Exactly the product we require
MA 13/8/16

Found site via friend
RS 13/8/16

I have used before. Very easy to use
KR 12/8/16

U.K. Based
KM 12/8/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing to make sure our drivers are safe to be on the road.
CG 12/8/16

Used UK Drug Testing before. Simple to use, could find what I wanted
LS 12/8/16

Cheapest and most official looking website
HD 12/8/16

Chose UKDT for the price
CM 12/8/16

Looks a good site
JR 12/8/16

MB 12/8/16

Used UK Drug Testing before. Good service.
OH 11/8/16

Easy to use
CL 11/8/16

Price and simplicity of product.
SS 11/8/16

Price, discression
BH 11/8/16

1st to catch my eye
AS 11/8/16

Easy site to use.
CP 10/8/16

Chosen for the price
SS 10/8/16

Website looks professional
CT 10/8/16

Quick delivery
EF 10/8/16

Helpful site, clear to see.
AY 9/8/16

I have used you before, several times. I've always experienced great service from you.
RB 9/8/16

Easy site to use.
JW 10/8/16

Seems like a legit site. Very simple to use the website.
GH 9/8/16

UK site
DF 9/8/16

Clear precise website
MY 9/8/16

Used this site before
AS 9/8/16

Very helpful website. Chose it because it is trusted by professionals.
JG 9/8/16

I need to check my son
JD 8/8/16

Excellent fast service
DC 8/8/16

This site is most comprehensive, it seems simple to use and good prices.
ML 8/8/16

Good site and prices.
DL 7/8/16

Chose this site for the price. Good.
SS 7/8/16

Looks official
BA 7/8/16

Chose this site because of the customer reviews
CC 6/8/16

LT 6/8/16

Chose UKDT for the price
PM 6/8/16

Recommended by a friend
PW 5/8/16

DW 5/8/16

Thank you very much
HE 5/8/16

Order arrived promptly. Thanks very much.
Kind regards,
AC 5/8/16

Easy to use
AH 5/8/16

Thank you for the quick reply.
Kind regards
TC 5/8/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as cheaper than another place
TD 5/8/16

Good price
AJ 5/5/16

Many thanks for your prompt action on this issue and I will get in touch if we have any further problems.
LB 5/8/16

Prompt service
PR 4/8/16

Looks professional
JH 4/8/16

Ordered from UK Drug Teting due to cost
MV 4/8/16

Delivery is always within specified time and order quantities have always been correct
SC 4/8/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing because its what we want
JH 4/8/16

Like Price
JN 3/8/16

Very easy
SH 3/8/16

UK Drug Testing was recommended
MS 3/8/16

Received with thanks xx
BD 3/8/16

Previous Purchase
CC 3/8/16

Concerned about a teenager
SG 3/8/16

We need these at our childrens centre.
DC 2/8/16

Referral from sister company
KM 2/8/16

Looks like a professional site.
JJ 2/8/16

Nice site
DG 2/8/16

Used UK DrugTesting before
DP 2/8/16

Many thanks. I am more than happy with the substitution.
Best wishes
AB 1/8/16

Good site. Ordered from UK Drug Testing to check son
FA 1/8/16

Used you before

Your service has been excellent.
DD 1/8/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as worried Granddaughter on drugs
MB 1/8/16

Used these before. Good
MK 1/4/16

Easy to use
CS 1/4/16

Cheaper prices
CN 1/4/16

Helpful site. I'm happy I found what I'm looking for and if anyone else is looking I'll give them this address
RG 31/3/16

Excellent value
RP 31/3/16

Great product which worked well, amazingly fast delivery and great customer suppport.
MJ 31/3/16

The lady I spoke to on the phone was extremely helpful and efficient. The products arrived quickly. A hassle free transaftion. Many thanks.
ML 31/3/16

Very simple to use quick results and very effective would recommend
AA 31/31/16

Good value and looks professional
KB 31/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing for cost
CW 31/3/16

Like product
GC 31/3/16

First class service as usual from a professional and knowledgeable staff
AP 31/3/16

Previous purchase. Good service
MP 30/3/16

Very good service, quick and efficient. We would definitely would use this service again.
OT 31/3/16

Easy to use
CH 30/3/16

The call handler was very knowledgeable, a GP by trade from what I can recall. I am a specialist in the field and I felt satisfied by the quality of information provided to me. Tests were delivered in a few days as agreed. Great service.
BS 30/3/16

Has what I need.
DM 30/3/16

Service was fast and efficent. First contact staff member was polite and knowledgble
IS 29/3/16

Good price
ES 29/3/16

Chose this site as in UK
CJ 29/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing site as well known
JM 29/3/16

Good Site. Cheap price
BD 29/3/16

Very helpful
JH 29/3/16

Like price and delivery speed
KV 29/3/16

A how to use test section would be useful before you buy
LG 29/3/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
ZD 29/3/16

Found this site because I found a picture in google. Useful site. Could be nice if there is a small explanation about how to use it, thanks
KG 29/3/16

The item arrived quickly and with no problems.
MB 28/3/16

Found site online line via another site. Value for money
PA 28/3/16

Purchased from UK Drug Testing for workplace testing
UF 28/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as professional looking
SR 28/3/16

What I need at the rite price
AB 27/3/16

Look decent
AB 26/3/16

Ordered from this site as has what I need
RB 25/3/16

Used UK Drug Testing in the past.
DL 25/3/16

Sold what was required
EC 25/3/16

Found UK Drug Teting word of mouth
EA 25/3/16

I have used this company for the last 4 years, customer service is always excellent as is the dispatch - item arrives super quick. Friendly bunch nothing is too much trouble and they really know their stuff. Highly recommend.
KM 24/3/16

Looks reliable
NM 24/3/16

Looks legit
AT 24/3/16

Looks safe and reliable
MB 23/3/16

Precise information on how to use
NN 23/3/16

Hearsay. Good site.
MT 23/3/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
OH 23/3/16

Good price
ME 23/3/16

Used before and easy to use
LS 23/3/16

Very friendly website
AA 23/3/16

Looks very professional
LJ 23/3/16

Site easy to use.
TE 23/3/16

Friend referral
GT 22/3/16

Good reviews. Site easy to use.
LL 22/3/16

DM 22/3/16

It was one of the top searches on google
SM 22/3/16

PS 22/3/16

Competitive prices
LC 22/3/16

Used this site before
AM 21/3/16

Easy to use. Clear info.
AF 21/3/16

Everything is so easy to find and very well presented
PS 21/3/16

Most accurate test
SD 21/3/16

Good Value
CR 21/3/16

Most accurate test
SD 21/3/16

Good value
CR 21/3/16

That's great. Thankyou
JK 21/3/16

Perfect thankyou
AM 21/3/1`6

I like this site.
GH 21/3/16

Chose to order from UK Drug Testing as liked the site.
JM 21/3/6

Found what I wanted
EC 21/3/16

Found specific item
BS 21/3/16

Great site
JT 21/3/16

UK site
JF 20/3/16

Chose UKDT for the price
MB 20/3/16

Clear simple descriptions and good price
CS 20/3/16

Brand, product information
MG 19/3/16

Thank you for your quick response. I shall be back in contact on Monday with regards to ordering.
GE 18/3/16

DF 18/3/16

Good site.
HM 18/3/16

Used you before
GE 18/3/16

I want to be a responsible driver
AM 18/3/16

Site simple and easy to use
CA 17/3/16

Used previously
AO 17/3/16

Ordered previously. Good quick service.
LJ 17/3/16

Used before
SW 16/3/16

JB 16/3/16

You had the combination of drug test I wanted. best price.
LH 16/16

First one that came up on google. Good site.
SC 16/3/16

Professional site.
JS 15/3/16

Good prices
AS 15/3/16

Chose this site for test coverage
MM 15/3/16

Very professional
JL 15/3/16

Reviews speak louder than any advertising
SC 14/3/16

Next day delivery option
SC 14/3/16

I thought I should take a little time to tell you about my experience while dealing with Kathy from your customer services during some issues during my purchase. Kathy was an absolute delight to deal with, her help and assistance was purely first class and the response great. I would have given up a long time ago with my order if it wasn't for her great help and assistance. Also got everything I needed sorted out and completed my purchase.
I cannot praise her enough. Big thanks to Kathy.
WT 14/3/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
KM 14/3/16

Good price
TB 14/3/16

I was just thinking there I skipped the survey part when I completed my order asking how easy I found the site to use. Now I'm thinking I should have maybe put something in for the customer relations being awesome
WT 14/3/16

FT 14/3/16

Easy and proffesional
DH 13/3/16

I have used UK Drug Testing before, very good service and products. Thanks
SD 13/3/16

Good site
KG 13/3/16

I wanted more than x1 test and you were the first site that offered x5
TK 13/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as a test cup with 12 panels is hard to find
JY 13/3/16

Looked like what I wanted
CS 13/3/16

UK site trust it more. Told by a freind to use this site.
MS 12/3/16

Easy access and comprehensive drug testing kits
HS 12/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as better value for money. Basic site. Would be good if make it easier to compare different tests in terms of accuracy, range, and price
RW 12/3/16

Best site
AB 11/3/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
CM 11/3/16

Looked professional
DT 11/3/16

Good site.
SB 11/3/16

Best sellers
ES 11/3/16

Previously used you. Easy to use site
CP 11/3/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
CH 10/3/16

Easy to use. Excellent site. Easiest to use
LS 11/3/16

Looked better. Good site
EM 11/3/16

You are a star I think I have just managed to log in straight away from that site. Thank you very much you have been very helpful
WT 10/3/16

Good price.
JT 10/3/16

Recommended by a friend.
MW 10/3/16

Used product before
JE 10/3/16

AM 9/3/16

Product Looks good
DJ 8/3/16

Chose this site because I wanted cannabis drug test.
LH 8/3/16

Simple to understand
LD 8/3/16

Good reviews
SM 8/3/16

Site easy to use and clean and clear, for employee testing.
CT 8/3/16

NB 8/3/16

99% accuracy
RA 7/3/16

Looked the most reliable site. Only place I could find 25ng tests.
VW 7/3/16

Site looked professional
SL 7/3/16

Good site. Seems accurate for what I am after. Good service so far.
BK 7/3/16

Thanks for the quick response.
Mt 7/3/16

Seems accurate for what I am after. Good site. Good service so far.
BK 7/3/16

Nice and easy set up process.
YO 7/3/16

Clear site
IC 7/3/16

Good information and looks reliable
SB 7/3/16

Parcel turned up this morning. Marked as signed for but postman delivered without asking for signature! Not a problem at my end but thought I best let you know.
Thanks for rectifying the situation. I'm pleased with the product.
Kind regard
H 7/3/16

Greatest range
AH 7/3/16

Chose UKDrugTesting as it looked geniune site & sell to NHS
PH 7/3/16

Chose this site because it's uk
TW 6/3/16

Easy site
EK 6/3/16

Great selection of amphetamine drug tests
FB 5/3/16

Seemed infomative
RC 5/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as professional and more expensive accuracy of test results likely to be higher
LT 4/3/16

Easiest to navigate
MN 4/3/16

Very fast delivery
TP 4/3/16

Good prices
SW 4/3/16

Good explanation
BA 4/3/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as you have what I want.
GM 4/3/16

Good site
TH 4/3/16

Previous customer. Choice and value for money.
KR 4/3/16

Used this site to scare teenage daughter
LE 3/3/16

Seemed professional
JT 3/3/16

Seemed to cover what I'd needed
KB 3/3/16

Looked the best site
SB 3/3/16

Easy to navigate and use.
AE 3/3/16

Professional, range of choice
CC 2/3/16

Very easy & helpful site
FA 2/3/16

Able to supply our requirement
JB 2/3/16

Reasonably priced and decent amuont of info on products. Very clear website
DG 2/3/16

Simple to use.
FT 2/3/16

Site easy to use
EA 2/3/16

Thank you for your help.
HG 2/3/16

Quick & easy. Thank you.
LM 1/3/16

Recommended from a friend. Easy to follow site. Great site.
SB 1/3/16

Hi. I would just like to say what a helpful friendly service I received today. All my questions were promptly answered and I highly recommend Ukdt , I will definitely be using your company again
EC 1/3/16

Looks professional and clear information
MH 1/3/16

Return purchase
RM 1/3/16

Information was better than other sites.
JB 1/3/16 Chose UKDT for the price.
AG 29/2/16

Good layout
GS 29/2/16

Searched instalert. Giving it a try.
CC 29/2/16

1st site that was available
KM 29/2/16

Chose UK Drug Testing because of ease
LF 29/2/16

Good price
LF 29/2/16

Offered product looking for
GS 29/2/16

Thank you Kathy for your prompt reply. I have spoken to our training department and I believe they will contact you shortly. Thank you again, much appreciated.
Kind Regards
JP 29/2/16

SM 28/2/16

Clear website
MM 28/2/16

Best site
ST 27/2/16

Return Customer
IM 27/2/16

First site i came across
SW 26/2/16

Wide choice value for money
IM 26/2/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as it looks professional
PN 26/2/16

UK Drug Testing was first one
GS 26/2/16

Looked professional
SA 26/2/16

PW 25/2/16

Used before
RC 25/2/16

Easy purchase
JC 25/2/16

KS 24/2/16

Very good site, good reputation.
P 24/2/16

The information was clear and had everthing I needed to know
JB 24/2/16

Easy and very helpful
SM 24/2/16

Friends recommended
NS 23/2/16

Easy access on internet
KC 23/2/16

Looked professional
KT 23/2/16

CD 23/2/16

Price and product fit
SP 23/2/16

SEO optimised, decent product range instills confidence.
LP 22/2/16

Information very clear and succinct
EB 22/2/16

Thank you so much for getting the 3 items I ordered on Friday off to me so quickly. They arrived on Saturday.
Once again Thank you
CC 22/2/16

Easy to order
RL 22/2/16

Cheapest price
EG 22/2/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as seemed most appropriate for requirements
CP 22/2/16

Easy to use
PW 21/2/16

OK site. Had what I was looking for
EM 20/2/16

First site I found plus you supply NHS
AW 20/2/16

Right cost
CR 19/2/16

Previously used UK Drug Testing site
DP 19/2/16

Hi, Thanks for that !
Have a nice weekend.
Best regards,
AW 19/2/16

Chose this site as it came up first
WM 19/2/16

UK Drug Testing was recommended
SP 19/2/16

Thank you ever so much Linda.
CT 19/2/16

Quicker delivery than amazon
VI 19/2/16

First drug testing site I came to.
BH 18/2/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
LC 18/2/16

Has just what we need
MB 18/2/16

Was told about UK Drug Testing. Ordered from here because of confidentiality
CS 17/2/16

First site, simple, price looked ok
JM 17/2/16

Cheap. Clear instructions and easy ordering
JT 16/2/16

Cheap and easy
ME 16/2/16

Chose this site for the price and feedback from family friend
DT 16/2/16

DR 16/2/16

Offered the most sensitive test kits
TE 15/2/16

Heard good feed back
JH 15/2/16

Had what I wanted
MS 15/2/16

Site looked easy
PB 15/2/16

Used you before. Good quality and value for money.
ZW 15/2/16

Easy to use site no messing around
DN 15/2/16

Chose this site for the price
LJ 15/2/16

Cheap testing kit. Quick and easy
CM 13/2/16

UK based
CG 13/2/16

Good price, clear info
AL 12/2/16

Thanks a lot for all your help.
MH 12/2/16

Lovely thank you very much
PW 12/2/16

Item received, thank you very much
JH 12/2/16

Simple site to use
JK 12/2/16

Thank you received my order today excellent service will definitely be using your company again & recommending.
LT 11/2/16

Site looks good, cheap. I've had other products from your company, very good.
PT 11/2/16

Used before
ET 11/2/16

You tube explainations
DT 11/2/16

Cheapest for what we want & used site before
AJ 10/2/16

Need this site for drug testing kits.
HT 10/2/16

Chose this site on a friends advice
JR 9/2/16

Recommended by a friend for reasonable prices. Hopefully look forward to using this site again depending on delivery & products but hoping I have no problems so will be back to use site again
LT 9/2/16

Found UK Drug Testing word of mouth
KP 9/2/16

Value & quality
CS 9/2/16

Chose site for the price
LP 8/2/16

Thanks a million, excellent service. Regards,
B 8/2/16

Found site via answers from search on google. Convenient and straight forward site
LW 8/2/16

Great website. Appealing. Perfect no alterations needed
GB 8/2/16

Thank you for your message and sorry for my late reply. I am very happy with the product.
JC 8/2/16

Thank you for you help.
BC 8/2/16

UK Drug Testing was recommended
JW 7/2/16

Found site via internet and used before
PF 7/2/16

Reasonable cost
LM 7/2/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as a UK company. Easy site to navigate easy to get to what i was looking for
EL 7/2/16

Clear and informative
MF 7/2/16

Found site via family
MR 5/2/16

Easy to use - right product. Watched youtube video of product so gave me the confidence I had chosen the right product.
GC 5/2/16

Good site . Chose UK Drug Testing site because its the best I know about. Great Company
DB 5/2/16

Need replacement
JR 5/2/16

Value for money
SR 5/2/16

Chose to order from UK Drug Testing becauase of professionalism & phone advice
CJ 5/2/16

Good information
GF 5/2/16

Easy to use site. Good advice over the phone.
F 5/2/16

Chose this site for the delivery options
AA 4/2/16

Good site, you have the kits we are looking for.
GS 4/2/16

Very good speedy delivery and good products.
HA 4/2/16

Very simple Site to use.
CW 4/2/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing for convenience and quality
AM 3/2/16

Like cost and ease
CM 3/2/16

1st site I came to
RM 3/2/16

Previous customer. Good experience
LS 2/2/16

Easy to locate items required
AT 2/2/16

Found what I needed
HW 2/2/16

Repeat business
AP 2/2/16

Ordered from UK Drugtesting before. Like price
OH 2/2/16

Thank you
JF 2/2/16

Good site
AK 2/2/16

Many thanks Kathy,this is greatly appreciated.
I'll look forward to hearing from you again,
Kind regards,
MT 1/2/16

Easy to use website explains what tests for what drug
JB 1/2/16

Used you before
MR 1/2/16

1st one
NB 1/2/16 It looked good
TW 31/1/16

First one that popped up
WY 30/1/16

Good price
CL 30/1/16

First one I looked at
AM 30/1/16

Cheap prices
LM 29/1/16

Looked clean and straight forward. Easy shopping
RS 29/1/16

Spoke to support and got good advice on what I need.
PH 29/1/16

Easy to find what I wanted
MH 29/1/16

It's what I need
SM 29/1/16

Right sensitivity. Quick delivery times
SC 29/1/16

Good product
DR 29/1/16

Best Price
JV 29/1/16

Good value
GE 29/1/16

Helpful site. Had test I was looking for.
TB 29/1/16

Site easy to use
KF 29/1/16

Value of products
SH 28/1/16

Authoritive and good information, good price
IJ 28/1/16

Found your site through youtube.
CM 27/1/16

Like creddibility of products
SN 27/1/16
NP 27/1/16

Good value for money
DG 26/1/16

Easy to understand and order
AG 26/1/16

Chose UKDT for the price
SG 26/1/16

UK Site
LK 25/1/16

Very easy site to use. Good price & simple lay out.
RS 25/1/16

Thank you for your excellent service. Thanks very much !
Kind Regards
CE 25/1/16

First site I found
JM 25/1/16

Useful and easy. Ordered from UK Drug Testing because of cost of products.
CM 24/1/16

Good product range
DR 24/1/16

Profesional information
LC 24/1/16

Easy site to use and prices good
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Like price
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Looked easy
JD 23/1/16

First site on search list
RT 23/1/16

Easy to navigate
JM 23/1/16

Easy product selection
EM 22/1/16

Very easy to use. Ordered from UK Drug Testing because of ease of use and cost.
AB 22/1/16

UK based
JM 21/1/16

Best choice
AG 21/1/16

Prices seemed reasonable
CM 21/1/16

It has everything I needed for a good price
MS 20/1/16

Had the product I required
TR 20/1/16

Good reviews
RO 19/1/16

Shopped with u before
DP 19/1/16

Easy site to use
EF 19/1/16

Clear description and understandable
DM 19/1/16

Excellent service, thank you!
VN 15/1/16

Appreciate that very much
LD 15/1/16

Easy to use site.
MG 14/1/16

Great site.
SH 13/1/16

Found your site through word of mouth
BT 13/1/16

Previous order
CC 13/1/16

Ordered from UK Drug Testing as product available
MQ 11/1/16

Good website
SA 11/1/16

Easy to use
NB 11/1/16

Value and variety
DF 11/1/16

I searched on Google. Looks like a trustworthy UK site. Great customer services.
MR 11/1/16

Easily found what I was looking for
CR 11/1/16

Chose UK Drug Testing as UK site seems official. Found what I needed very easily
KJ 9/1/16

The price and product what I wanted
PG 9/1/16

Chose this site as it looks more professional
MD 8/1/16

Used you before. You have the stock I need
JC 8/1/16

A friend recommended this site because it's discreet
DQ 8/1/16

I like the test kits
LO 7/1/16

Recommended by a friend
KW 7/1/16

Chose for the price
PD 6/1/16

Lots of products to choose from, will be shopping for more products
LK 6/1/16

Good prices. Quick delivery.
AW 6/1/16

Helpful site. To help my son.
SB 5/1/16

Chose this site as I have Health and Safety concerns.
MW 5/1/16

Easy to use
CL 5/1/16

A fine site. All in one place
JN 5/1/16

LH 4/1/16

Trust this site.
SH 4/1/16

Prior use. Quality product.
KC 4/1/16

Many thanks
AW 4/1/16

Good site. I emailed for advice 1st - response time was good
MF 4/1/16

Used UK Drug Testing before
BB 4/1/16

More informative
LK 4/1/16

Receptionist polite and very helpful
CF 4/1/16

Easy to use
SC 3/1/16

Good value, great information and exactly what I needed. Keep doing what you guys are doing!
IA 3/1/16

Found you via Adfam search. Used you before
DH 3/1/16

Easy site to use
AS 1/1/1/16

Found product I wanted
EF 1/1/16

Found site through a friend
DB 1/1/16 Good value
CB 31/12/15

Most informative
SP 30/12/15

Chose this site for their tests. Great so far.
VW 30/12/15

Easy to use site.
JM 30/12/15

Used you before
LC 30/12/15

Had what I was looking for
MS 30/12/15

Best value, good prices.
MH 29/12/15

Surfing the internet and found your site informative and easy to use.
FW 29/12/15

Value for money
DH 29/12/15

Site is easy and clear
GF 28/12/15

Site appeared genuine
CG 28/12/15

Looks professional
KM 28/12/15

Trust this site.
EZ 28/12/15

Recommended buy a friend, I will now recommend
MS 27/12/15

Easy to use and reasonable prices
KQ 26/12/15

It was a uk based site
JC 24/12/15

Used this site before
JG 23/12/15

Came quickly, safely packaged
CH 22/12/15

Site looked good
JG 22/12/15

Professional site
DK 20/12/15

Good selection of products. Seemed very reasonable
MC 19/12/15

Looked most professional site.
LC 18/12/15

Easy to use
IE 18/12/15

Best price. -expensive delivery though.
CA 18/12/15

Was advised to use this site.
T 18/12/15

Looked a good site.
CH 17/12/15

Great service
CR 17/12/15

Local company . Good to see help there for worried concerned parents, thank you and hope results negative but open minded
DH 17/12/15

Found site via a friend
HV 17/12/15

Straight forward & good prices.
NH 16/12/15

Used UK Drug Testing before
JM 16/12/15

That’s brilliant, thanks Kathy
Hope you have a lovely Christmas.
Kind regards
JW 16/12/15

JA 16/12/15

Best prices. Superb customer service, and Kathy is wonderful.
GP 16/12/15

Happy with service
JK 16/12/15

JC 15/12/15

Quick delivery options
GW 15/12/15

Thank you very much for your help.
VC 15/12/15

Had what I was looking for
JM 14/12/15

Cheapest price
PW 14/12/15

Thank you so much for being understanding.
That's very kind of you.
Thanks again,
J 14/12/15

Easy to use. Good
SH 14/12/15

Thank you so much
MJ 14/12/15

Easy to use
GD 12/12/15

Looked professional
LP 12/12/15

Best price
RM 11/12/15

Very good. Clear and precise
FW 10/12/15

The only site I could find with the correct tests available
OP 10/12/15

Comprehensive site
GC 10/12/15

Simple site to use
LT 10/12/15

Easy to use website. Wanted to test my son.
KK 9/12/15

Hi Kathy,
Yes that would be fine thank you.
I have also referred a colleague from my other branch to you and he should be in contact soon about setting up a similar style contract with you. I have told him how excellent the service from you all it has been.
EW 9/12/15

Used you before
DH 9/12/15

First in list. Site seems easy to use
JP 9/12/15

Existing customer, liked the product
LG 8/12/15

Good customer service by phone
D 8/12/15

Site looked good
MS 8/12/15

DD 8/12/15

MP 7/12/15

Used you before
DH 7/12/15

Easy to read
RN 7/12/15

That’s great, much appreciated.
JL 7/12/15

UK Drug Testing recomended
HM 6/12/15

1st one that came up
LW 6/12/15

Easy to use
SP 6/12/15

Top of the list
IW 6/12/15

Thank you Linda, much appreciated.
Kindest regards
CE 4/12/15

Ordered for workplace testing
JK 4/12/15

UK Drug Testing had what I wanted. Nice site, easy to navigate
AA 4/12/15

Had what I wanted
CN 4/1/215

Easy to use
KL 3/12/15

Easy to use
BR 3/12/15

Previous Purchase
IS 3/12/15

You have what I was looking for
DT 3/12/15

Great Site. Browsing and liked the product
PD 3/12/15

Good value/accurate test
CS 3/12/15

JT 3/12/15

UK Drug Testing had specific product
MW 2/12/15

Very good site. Ordered for business needs
HB 2/12/15

Good reviews, decent prices
HR 2/12/15

Thank you for your quick response.
Laura 1/12/15

Phoned up customer service good
FC 1/12/15

Good reviews
SC 1/12/15

Wanted to test my son
CF 1/12/15

Found site via a friend
AF 1/12/15

Fast delivery
HP 1/12/15

Thank-you for your prompt follow-up. I can confirm that the correct item has now arrived so all is well. Thank-you for your assistance and with kind regards,
JM 1/12/15

Excellent, thank you.
CJ 1/12/15 Chose this site because had next day delivery
AC 30/11/15

Ordered from UK Drug Testing because UK
SG 30/11/15

Order received thankyou Linda, appreciate your help.
DC 30/11/15

Used UKDrugTesting before and very efficient services. Very speedy, helpful service
JG 29/11/15

Like that its UK based
VB 28/11/15

Chose UKDrugTesting due to referrals
CN 28/11/15

Very good site. Reasonable prices
NG 28/11/15

Found site via local pharmacy
BB 27/11/15

Pleasure dealing with you
DT 27/11/15

Good item, fast delivery, good price. What more could I ask for ?
DH 26/11/15

Very happy
ZD 26/11/15

Used UK Drug Testing before
BT 26/11/15

Looks good site
KL 25/11/15

Good value site
JH 25/11/15

I have used this UKDrugTesting before.
LF 25/11/15

Recommended by a friend. Cheap prices
PD 25/11/15

Looks good
EL 25/11/15

Previous purchase from UK Drug Testing. Easy process, lots of choice in product and quantity
EF 25/11/15

Top reviews
DW 25/11/15

Very good site. Best choice.
JB 25/11/15

Good presentation on site.
MT 24/11/15

UK Drug Testing have got what we need. Found site through an associate.
CG 24/11/15

Thank you for your perseverance
GD 24/11/15

Thank you :)
AH 23/11/15

Chose UKDrugTesting because it looked reputable site
AR 23/11/15

Excellent product. Prompt delivery
WB 23/11/15

Found site okay. Easy.
LJ 22/11/15

Purchased before from you
DP 22/11/15

Used UKDrugTesting before
MA 22/11/15

Delivery was quick and very satisfactory product so i'm back to reorder.
PB 21/11/15

Have confidence after reading everything
YL 20/11/15

Professional site. Your YouTube videos were informative and easy to understand
AR 19/11/15

UK Drug Testing had what I need
JR 18/11/15

Good price
GL 18/11/15

Used by other companies
BR 18/11/15

Helpful site
EM 18/11/15

Clear details
DW 17/11/15

Easy to use
MW 17/11/15

UK Drug Testing had what we wanted
CS 17/11/15

Right price
AB 17/11/15

Looks good
CK 17/11/15

It came up first
CJ 17/11/15

Cheapest I could find!
JH 17/11/15

Accurate. Brilliant site
KB 16/11/15

UK site with comprehensive product offering
PH 16/11/15

Good prices
JI 15/11/15

Top listed site. Informative site.
MS 15/11/15

Recommended by a friend
BO 15/11/15

Best option
S 14/11/15

I've never bought a test so when I read descriptions and navigated the site, it was very simple and easy to use
MW 14/11/15

Fast speedy service
KH 13/11/15

Excellent value
MT 12/11/15

Bulk Buy option
AM 11/11/15

Cheap. Easy to use site.
KC 11/11/15

Good site.
NP 10/11/15

Chose UKDT for the cost
CA 10/11/15

Used before. Easy to use.
JS 9/11/15

This site gave the most information on product
SM 9/11/15

JC 9/11/15

It is a uk site
EM 9/11/15

Seems genuine
LC 8/11/15

Reviews were good
CW 8/11/15

Chose site as first one in uk I saw
MM 7/11/15

Recommended by my H&S Manager. Good price.
DB 6/11/15

Used before
SC 5/11/15

Nice and easy, had exactly what we were looking for
TC 5/11/15

PG 4/11/15

JC 4/11/15

Used before. When taking night nurse ket shows positive sometimes
PF 4/11/15

Previous user
DF 3/11/15

Entered drug test in google. Liked advertisement.
JD 3/11/15

Excellent site, easy to use.
FE 3/11/15

Easy to use. Used previously
JK 3/11/15

Easy site to use
MA 3/11/15

PO 3/11/15

Lots of choice and helpful info
LF 3/11/15

Clear info
KS 3/11/15

Looked good value
KZ 2/11/15

Thank you.
Kind regards,
GL 2/11/15

Recommended by a friend.
MP 1/11/15 Was top of the list
JF 31/10/15

Best site
DK 31/10/15

Ease of access
AM 30/10/15

Easy to use, well laid out. We have purchased products brom you once before. When I initially contacted your company I had very good advice hence why I have used your company again.
AP 30/10/15

Found site word of mouth. Previous good experience. Excellent
KG 30/10/15

Thank you for the great service.
Kind regards
KG 30/10/15

Used site before
GE 30/10/15

Chose UK Drug Testing due to price and first listed
FC 29/10/15

Good site
MF 29/10/15

It was easy site to navigate. I've never needed to order such items before and this site was simple to use and explained the products well.
ST 28/10/15

Ordered from UK Drug Testing after spoke with company
MS 28/10/15

Bought from you previously
EA 28/10/15

Ordered tests for work
TC 27/10/15

Thanks Kathy,
That is really helpful.
Steve 27/10/15

Good accuracy
DQ 27/10/15

Used you before
DH 27/10/15

Good selection and reviews
IA 27/10/15

Friend recommended this site as our child taking drugs
SP 26/10/15

So far so good.
PR 26/10/15

Good price
JM 26/10/15

Hi, many thanks, the order arrived on Saturday; well done.
TM 26/10/15

Ordered from this site as it is in the UK
LI 26/10/15

Chose to order from UK Drug Testing as the only one that tested for 10 drugs
RC 26/10/15

I received my order in very impressive time
RE 26/10/15

The tests arrived quickly, and the service was good as were the tests.
NM 26/10/15

Easy to navigate
RS 25/10/15

Very busy site , make it a little more simple. Ordered from here because of cost.
AF 25/10/16

Good reviews and value for money
DD 25/10/15

First one that come and urgent. So far good and easy
DD 25/10/15

Very cheap prices !
CS 25/10/15

Found site through a colleague. Ordered following advice from colleague
JO 24/10/15

Easy to use. Reasonable costs.
PM 24/10/15

Good service
JA 23/10/15

Chose UK Drug Testing as had required products available
JM 23/10/15

Good information
IS 23/10/15

Cheapest price
CF 23/10/15

Easy to use
CL 23/10/15

OK site
DC 22/10/15

Ease of use
NW 21/10/15

Used you before
RA 21/10/15

Good site
EL 21/10/15

Thank you for your quick response, highly impressed!
RF 21/10/15

Top of the list. Good advertising.
SC 21/10/15

Looks professional
SD 20/10/15

First site with product I wanted to purchase
ER 19/10/15

Clear info
KS 19/10/15

Good product
AT 19/10/15

Clear site.
BL 19/10/15

Used before. Very good speeedy service.
JG 18/10/15

Looks professional
GH 18/10/15

Concerns over child
DF 18/10/15

Friend suggestion. Friend used this site.
TF 17/10/15

EB 17/10/15

RE 16/10/15

KW 16/101/5

I found what I was looking for here.
SA 16/10/15

Best site
ST 15/10/15

Looked sensible site
OU 14/10/15

Easy to use site
JA 14/10/15

Easy to navigate
AT 14/10/10

Ideal product
AW 14/10/15

General search on google, first one i found. Keep it up.
CT 13/10/15

Looks professional
MG 13/10/15

Easy to use. Very professional. Ordered by phone. The tweets on the left got in the way a bit.
JL 13/10/15
N.B. Please use this link for our mobile friendly website.

First I saw and looked safe
JB 13/10/15

Browsed google. Good price.
WT 13/10/15

Easy to use
AM 13/10/15

Looks very safe and legitamate.
CB 12/10/15

The tests look like the sort we need.
JO 13/10/15

Very impressed with the good telephone advice and helpful customer services team
SS 12/10/15

That's very kind, thank you very much
RA 12/10/15

Hi Kathy,
Many thanks
SM 12/10/15

Cheap and the tests are good
CM 11/10/15

Good customer service and advice
GB 10/10/15

Need tests. Good value.
LW 10/10/15

Best site
GB 9/10/15

Looks professional
PB 9/10/15

Recommended by Occ Health provider
FH 9/10/15

Site easy to understand
VS 8/10/15

Top of listing, had what I was looking for.
VC 8/10/15

Reasonable price
LM 8/10/15

Spoke to the your customer care line, and was given really good information
RB 8/10/15

We placed an order with you a few weeks back for some cocaine wipes. We have received them and they’ve done the job great. Thank you.
Kind Regards
Health and Safety Administrator

SS 7/10/15

Chose UK Drug Testing to order from after phone help from Kathy and price
DE 7/10/15

Chose UKDT for the price.
HS 7/10/15

Good morning Kathy
Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
Kind regards
SP 6/10/15

This site is easy.
W 5/10/15

All good. Thank you.
JB 5/10/15

Very good site
FH 4/10/15

First site I came to
CS 4/10/15

Arrived as promised. Product is of high quality.
JF 3/10/15

Good choice
JB 2/10/15

JL 2/10/15

Looked professional
AW 2/10/15

Its official
PW 2/10/15

Thank you for your reply, I have placed an order for this product. Thank you again.
FB 1/10/15

Top of list
AT 1/10/15

Comprehensive and clear details of items
KS 1/10/15

Sells what I need
JB 1/10/15

HO 1/10/15

Ordered in past
AE 1/10/15 The best one for a good price
ML 30/9/15

Thanks for your assistance. Much appreciated.
Kind Regards
TH 30/9/15

Chose UK Drug Testing because of range of products
GN 30/9/15

Used before last 8 years. Good service. Used to collect them personally from Farnsfield
AM 30/9/15

It's good site
RL 30/9/15

Previously used
DH 29/9/15

Best Value
MB 29/9/15

Value for money
SM 29/9/15

Chose UK Drug Testing as UK site
ED 28/9/15

Friend recommended
MC 28/9/15

Chose UK Drug Testing as looks professional site
LS 28/9/15

Easy to order
DL 28/9/15

Exactly as described, quick dispatch and good value.
CS 27/9/15

Chose UK Drug Testing site to order from as suspect friend/colleague

Good Value
TW 27/9/15

Excellent service as always
ML 26/9/15

Chose this site as first choice
KS 26/9/15

Quick and easy
SM 26/9/15

Great site
TV 25/9/15

Chose UK Drug Testing because it was a UK company
TV 25/9/15

First site I looked on
ST 25/9/15

Chose this site after previous order
CC 25/9/15

That's great.
Thank you very much
HB 24/9/15

Good site and used before
HC 24/9/15

Used before
EM 24/9/15

Used you previously
BC 24/9/15

Very clear information
JJ 23/9/15

Easy to use. Looked inviting.
V 23/9/15

Recommended by a friend
GM 22/9/15

Purchased before
SL 22/9/15

Easy to use
HR 22/9/15

Easy site to navigate.
AJ 22/9/15

Very good site and easy
R 22/9/15

Chose site for the prices
CM 21/9/15

Good choice of items
MO 21/9/15

Good customer service and advice
GB 21/9/15

Peace of mind
SE 21/9/15

Great site, fast delivery. Chose site as I can have guaranteed next day delivery.
PB 21/9/15

IH 20/9/15

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Thanks for your prompt reply, you put my mind at rest before today's appointment. Ironically, they never did a test! Thanks again.
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Thank you
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Good afternoon,
The diagnostic test was delivered today, many thanks for the speedy dispatch!
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Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly, this will be a big help to our client-thank you much appreciated. I will pass on your details and will ask him to give you call.
Many thanks,
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Found site via netmums. Seems to be one stop and people recommended. All font is too small to read and I dont understand what store departments on the side meant

Chose this site because it was cheaper
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Many thanks & kind regards
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CS 2/4/15

Repeat order
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Thank you very much, we will let you know once it arrives. Once again, thank you for your great customer service.
Kind Regards,
Claire 1/4/15

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Kind Regards,
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Many thanks for your help Kate
Victoria 31/3/15

Very easy to use website
IM 30/3/15

Looked for workplace tests. Chose this site because it is UK based. Small order availability for small businesses would be great.
LP 30/3/15

Wow Wee!
Thank you very much Kathy.
Look forward to doing future business with you.
GG 30/3/15

Received good advice when called up. Excellent customer support on the phone
GR 30/3/15

Thanks for all your help in this matter.
GG 30/3/15

Good site
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Very happy with the service.
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Thank you so much for your email. That news has made my day..!!
Many thanks, once again.
Kindest Regards
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Chose this site because different test kits available in small quantities as well
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Ordered from this site because you have what we need. Very nice man on the phone to help me
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Everything I needed in one place
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Helpful staff on phone. Thanks to Kate for taking my initial call, very helpful and offered a discount code too
BS 19/3/15

Just a quick email to let you know how impressed I was with the advice and the service provided by your colleague Kathy who guided me through the various options available from the company with ease and confidence. Consequently I will re order from yourselves in the future and pass your details onto other establishments such as mine.
Yours sincerely
IH 19/3/15

Returning customer
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Safe site and knowing the products what your paying for.
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Have a nice day.
Kind Regards
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Wanted to try more than one manufacturer
KS 3/3/15

Thank you for your quick response, much appreciated.
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Looks good site
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Use you before, pleased with service. Good site and price.
NF 2/3/15

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Good product selection
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Double check staff relaying to insurance
PH 1/3/15

Saliva test with identical spec to drugalyser being used by police at roadside would be good!
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Very well explained
EC 1/3/15 Bought from you before. Quick delivery, good quality and reliable items
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Easy to find what I was looking for.. Clearly laid out, good product descriptions.
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Items as described, service and delivery 1st class as we have come to expect - overall excellent.
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Very good site but make the "back,cancel and next" buttons clearer, they are misty. Cheapest postage.
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Kind regards
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Easy to use
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Chose this site because of price/convenience. Some customer feedback on the products would be good.
JH 13/1/15

Dear all,
We just received the test strips.
Thank you for your great support.
Best regards,
AR 13/1/15

JG 12/1/15

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It arrived today- thank you very much for the fantastic speed and efficiency of sorting this out!
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Looked professional. Consider putting together a sample pack containing one of each main item for those companies looking to do it themselves
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Accessible page. I like the page layout.
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Extensive information and product range
LD 31/12/14

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Your follow up customer service has been very good, so thank you very much for that.
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I bought off this site before, and it worked. A combination of Nicotine and Cannabis tester would be great .
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Spoke to the office and very helpful people. Great site more parents need to be aware so more info on your site
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Everything went perfectly
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Breathalysers Suitable for France & Scotland
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