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Drug Test Detection Times & Levels

Detection times for drugs

The time that drugs can be detected on a drug test varies depending on the type of drug test kit used and also the brand of drug testing kit that is used. As a general rule drugs can be detected longer in urine than in saliva.

Urine drug detection times & cut offs

Abbreviated name on drug test, proper name, other names approximate detectable time it remains in the urine after use.
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AMP 1000ng/ml Amphetamines Speed, amph or whizz. 2-6 days
BAR 300ng/ml Barbiturates Depressants, Barbs, Downers 3-8 days
BUP 10ng/ml Buprenorphine Subutex 3-6 days
BZO 300ng/ml Benzodiazepines Benzos, Rohypnol or roofies 2-14 days
COC 300ng/ml Cocaine Coke, crack or charlie. 2-5 days
COT 200ng Cotinine (nicotine) 2-5 days
DPG Pregabalin 50mg/ml 3-5 days
EDDP 300ng/ml EDDP screening tests. Detects for up to 5 days after use
ETG 500ng/ml Alcohol (ETG) 3days
FYL 10ng/ml Fentanyl 48-72 hours
K2 / K3 Spice 50ng 2-3 days
KET 1000ng/ml Ketamine, Special K or K 3-5 days
LSD 20ng/ml LSD 2-5days
MDMA 1000ng/ml Methylenedioxymethamphetamine Ecstasy or E's 2-6 days
MET 1000ng/ml Methamphetamines Glass, ice or meth. 2-6 days
MOP 300ng/ml Morphine 2-5 days
MOR 300ng/ml Morphine 2-5 days
MTD 300ng/ml Methadone Dolly, Red Rock 2-8 days
OPI 2000ng/ml Opiates Heroin, smack or gear. 2-5 days
OXY 300ng/ml Oxycodone 2-5 days
PCP 25ng/ml Phencyclidine Angel dust or peace pill 3 - 8 days
PXP 300ng/ml Propoxythene 2-5days
TCA 300ng/ml Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA 6 -10 days depending on duration of drug use.
THC 50ng/ml Marijuana Cannabis,( + delta 9 metabolite ) puff, spliff or hash. Casual use 2-14 days heavy use up to 30 days.
TML 500ng/ml Tramadol 3-5days
ZOL 50ng/ml Zolpidem 1-7days

Multi panel urine drug testing kits

The amount of time drugs stay in the body depends on many factors such as, the amount of the drug taken, its strength, purity, the body weight of the person being tested and rate of metabolism, and whether they are a casual user or a long term user. Cut offs are brand specific and as a guide the window period for drug detection using saliva or oral fluid drug test are shorter than comparable urine test.

Oral fluid saliva drug test kit detection times

Oral drug test detection times tend to be shorter when compared to the equivalent detection times in a urine drug test. This can be useful particularly for employers, as it is a good indication of whether an employee is under the influence of drugs at work. The dose of the drug taken has a significant effect on the clearance times.
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Saliva drug detection times & cut off levels for our tests

Alcohol detected at 0.02% equ and above level at time of testing
Amphetamine 50 ng detection for up to 72hrs
Barbituates 300ng/ml up to 72 hrs
Buprenorphine 10ng/ml up to 72 hrs
Benzodiazepines 50ng/ml up to 72 hr
Cocaine 20ng detection for up to 48hrs
K2 & K3 Synthetic Cannabis 25mg/ml 48 hours
Marijuana ( Cannabis THC ) 12ng (11 THC + delta9-THC-COOH metabolite) detection for up to 14hrs
MDMA Ecstacy 50ng/ml 48 hours
Methamphetamine 50ng detection for up to 72hrs
Methadone 75ng/ml between 12-24hrs
Opiates ( including heroin ) 40ng detection for 7-21hrs
Oxycodone 50ng/ml up to 72 hrs
PCP (Phencyclidine) 10ng/ml 12-24hrs
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